Last night Meek Mill had the internet buzzing after releasing his response to Cassidy called “Repo”. Cassidy fired the first shots by releasing ‘Me Myself & iPhone’. The two then exchanged words on Twitter with Meek challenging Cassidy to battle for $100k.

Twitter tweeted how they felt about the song:

Johnny Football@ImGoinScottie
What Meek Mill do did he finally take a bath?

George Da Boss@George_Da_Boss
Meek Mill embarrassed himself with that cassidy diss smh

 Delonte West™@Never12Brag
Meek Did Not Go In.. Plz Don’t Gargle sem**..

That diss meek dropped is trash..a whole 5 minutes of nothing special… @CASSIDY_LARSINY killed him in 1 verse..lets be serious Joe

CAWBBB: Meek Millz diss is weak. Joe Budden needs to slay all these vermin.

if y’all think Meek Millz better than Kendrick Lamar y’all dumb, stupid, crazy… just everything!!! chill out.

The Makeup Junkie@BarbMarleyy
Everybody on my timeline all hyped up about Meek Mill. Dude is boo boo though

Jose Polanco@Joseillest
Nas will lay the lyrical di** on meek mills forehead. <—–

Meek really thought he did something tho ����

Keem #FlashGang@DreamCast_K
Meek has no lyrical talent as far as content and meaning, and just screams a lot.

Supreme Dope Dealer@ChoiceLove
Illmatic Album Cover > Meek Mill’s Career

+Kendall Marquez@KayBePullin1000
Mannnn… If Pac was still here… And Big. And Big L. Meek would still be making mixtapes and only mixtapes.

Lemme Put The Tip In@iSkeetThenTweet
Meek rap like someone jumped out the bushes and surprised him.

@PimpNamedGator: eminem will end meek career too.”

FMOI : candyy__@candyygirl__
DONT EVER SAY MEEK BETTER THAN HOV THO.. yall start saying anything ��

Rishawn @Rishawn_Will
Hoodrats girls think meek is the best rapper smh

RT @dondonboi: i know everytime i listen to meek mill and wale now, my chances of living over 65 are decreasing slowly

You were all meek fans when dreamchasers came out now you’re switching up ?

Yusuf Muhammad@yusufyuie
The mic had to be drenched with spit after Meek left the booth on this diss track.

  • Playboy69

    Lol…Meek Mill is officially Overrated….Smh….And i like da repo song…lol

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    Honestly I didnt EVen finish the whole song, It was terrible, confused if this was a diss record or him flossing about how much rap money he has, becasue everybody know meek was broke before the rap game.

    This is good for rap , dont have a problem with the beef because Meek welcomed it, my only problem is that CASS is taking it a lil too personal, the man called you out subliminally, stop begging.

    MEEK ALBUM WAS GARBAGE , TRASH, in two years he will be forgotten, in a year he will be replaced with some next street protunes rapper that fills the void.