Top 25 Club Candies of The Week (9-5)

· September 5, 2013


Here is this week’s edition of the top 25 night club pictures of the week. Who would you have holla’d at?








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  1. Big ALbert says:

    A couple winners in this post.

  2. Pics #1,3 and damn sure #7!!!!!!! Damn!! All are MGC certified.

    **hires #7 as personal assistant**


  3. lazarus says:

    Yea, pic 1 and 7 stand out. But pic 25 shut the post down. Maybe ya’ll got caught up with the wagons ( i usually am too) but that redbone is fyne Fam, Smh. @Hahz we need the ANS forensics team on that one. She need her own post.

  4. bonginkosi says:

    pic 1 is the shizniz for real

  5. Realtalkin says:

    Pic 7 is crazy, 1 too.

  6. tHe kiD fRanKiE says:

    #1 got ass fa days!!!!! Woo

    #7 dumb thick

    #25 very nice

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