These Mizz Twerksum Gif’s Will Make You Say DAMN!

· September 12, 2013

I think we all can agree Mizz Twerksum is the MJ of the Twerk Team and Lady Luscious is Scottie Pippen. Mizz Twerksum has been pursuing fitness modeling lately which is one of the reasons her body is looking better theses days.

Here are some of her twerking career highlights that will make you say DAMN!

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  1. Playboy69 says:

    Twerking is Dead!

  2. LD says:

    Like short…I bet she can’t wiggle like that with a d in here….she bad tho

  3. Moor#BpCoffins says:

    I guess…#Bp Gas on the way to pump her up.

  4. (((((Slaps))))))) @hahz for sayn that little white chick was more creative than mz twerksum smh. Stop playing @hahz,u know better


  5. 828jeffe says:

    She going in on Train tracks!

  6. LouieVtheKING says:

    Patiently waiting for her to do porn. #ijs

  7. President Ward says:

    Boring …

  8. lazarus says:

    I literally came in jus for the comments, Need some laughter today. ready to slap fire out the slavemasta today. “My name is Mufassa kracker” Everybody in here is under six-feet actin like they ten ft tall. SMH. If ya’ll read bout me…. “I went out in a blaze of glory” LMAO.

    For the record I felt spoiled with yesterday’s posts. Good lookin who-ever posted them stallions.

  9. mike says:

    Twerking ain’t dead but it’s wack and always will be. Who gaf about these hoodrats twerking lol

  10. RED(MGC Dominance) says:


  11. seanjohn100 says:

    does she have sextape?

  12. 1luv says:

    I wonder what these girls will do next once there fame has gone down?

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