Irene The Dream could technically qualify for morning thickness. I wouldn’t say she has a donk but her ass is phat for her frame. Irene is shaped like a thicker version of Sheneka Adams. I think she looks waaay better with out make up on. Are you feeling Irene The Dream?

You can watch her work her money maker at Strokers strip club.

Question of the day have you ever paid a stripper to smash?

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  • Um digg’n Irene of the fact, her picz leave that imagination of u don’t know that she is a scrippa… Pic #4 is the best one 4 me, leave’n it to the imagination” (sexy ass)

    • still118

      hahz this a true story so bare wit me. me & irene cool now. but @ first she got over on the kid…i was @ p21 several years ago during the real make it rain era & i saw this fine young thang just walking round showing off. u know i had to step 2 her. so now i got her in the corner (they don renovated since then) & she grinding, rubbing, grabbing, it was a real x-rated scene. i’m thankin shawty fina get wit yo boy @ all. so i stopped her b4 we got too heavy, slid her 3 dubs & was getting ready to exchange #’s. she look @ me & said “naw nigga that was 13 songs u owe me some mo, BABY”…#SAYWHAT

      anyway cooler heads prevailed & she eventually made it up to me (get yo mind out the gutta). i know she & lil man okay. btw she can sing. 4 the record that was the last time that happened…eastside 4 life!

      • Every real strip club frequent visitors got one of those stories @Still118, you have to count and confirm dances with strippers now in days.

        • still118

          oh yea, thats on the blow. gotta get a standin count of the situation wit these females. sh*t u come out better grabbing a bite to eat & throwing back some dranks. they b watchin…#believeme

          • MoorFedayeen

            LOL! 60% said NAH! Damn that’s how we gonna do it for the new year, huh? Dudes still tellin lies like that??? Why front?

  • DHaynes

    Never “Out right” paid to smash ANYONE! But I guess in a round about way, we ALL have paid for it in some form or fashion! Now Christina Milian… (Pause while I check my Bank account… Yeah, I got this!)
    This chick is DAMN NICE! Sexy as HELL! #19 is tha 1 for me! 1 Love!

    • still118

      LOL…thats right! indirectly never directly. has anyone seen sexy a$$ nia looooonnnnggggggggssssttttrrrookkkeeeee

  • MoorFedayeen

    You niggas frontin! Rappers that millions of woman want to be with have paid at least once. You aint paying a chick to have sex, you paying her to STFU, take off her cloths then leave when it’s all over with no strings. Most woman want it just as bad but if you dealing with one that’s about something and look like something, you aint just smashin w/o some type of payment beit cash or your time which I didn’t have much of at one point not long ago. I hope to be busy like that again soon as this sorry excuse for a year is done with. Never paid more then twice in my life, never paid more then a buck 50 (including Grey Goose/weed) and it was a chick I HAD to have at 007 here in Detroit. My eyes almost fell out my head when my dude told me to turn around.
    I’m talkin she was 50 inches or betta with skin like silk!

    • DHaynes

      I hear ya, thats what I meant when I say “We all have paid for it, in some form or fashion.” But like I said, for a chick like Christina Milian or someone on that line… Like Mystikal say, “Fuc#in right I DID!” AND I’m YELLIN it too!

      • MoorFedayeen

        Man aint no shame in my game. On the flip side I done gave a lot of money and knew full well I wasn’t gettin nothing in return to cool chicks. It can’t always be tit for tat on everything. I

        Remeber my last gun charge I caught. Stopped at her house, gave this chick 300 real quick and told her to I gotta go and she asked me to spend the night. I wish I would of cause later on that night narcs streched me and my homeboy and booked both of us. It was cool. Two days later I was released on $10,000 and guess who was down there waiting for me? I could never play the sucka roles out here buying cell phones for every lil bopper I just met. Those kind get nothing but hard D. A chick told me, if a dude aint doing the little I ask of him, I can keep my legs closed. I repect that and been hittin that same chick for like 5 or 6 years now. Don’t take what I said and go over board now. Every now and again.

        • Thatz some real shit, got a few of them(not jus sex). Maaaan I was tought at a young age, a women will hold u down longer than 1 of ya close’s homiez; so far itz been proven. Respect on both sidez, but no interference.

      • Whatup Moor and DHaynes? I Can’t say that I done outrite paid 4 some pu$$y, B’n real about the situation. U have to look @ pu$$y jus like everything else MINE over MATTER. I have said it numerous of timez, but never jus been like… Um trick’n off with this bih 2night whateva, whateva. From what I have witness’d, several timez that sh$t turn in 2 a habit/addiction. I consider whateva entertainment we do is recreation. So if she feel like what we did up n till it go down was me pay’n for it, thatz cool; 10 out of 10 we do’n some sh$t I do any how on the regular, so usely the pu$$y jus come with it.(Not try’n 2 make it seem so eazy) U know what the say’n iz, capture the mind n the body will follow…patience iz the key 2 success err time. With 95% of women itz either MONEY,POWER OR PROTECTION str8 up.

    • ed

      Moor, you like one of the realist brothas out there that know the game. You don’t pay these stripper to smash, you pay them to let know this ain’t personal and don’t get attached.

      • MoorFedayeen

        @D’mage “MONEY,POWER OR PROTECTION” That’s true and I agree on that addiction part. That’s why I say outta say 8 chicks you may hit over what ever amount of time, one or two at tops you just said “F*ck it, keep the party going”. I wouldn’t do it twice in one quarter though because you wanna keep ya lip game strong and your primary means of smashing.

        @ed I appreciate that. I just want ppl to look back at me when I’m gone and say “That was a cool brotha right there-never had a problem wit him and he raised some fine kids”. Can’t ask for too much more in life.

  • Irene is very nice.

  • One fine specimen…I like her better without the makeup as well, Hahz. Body bangin’.

  • legs

    she’s pretty

  • BigBlackDude

    15, 17, 19 all of them I am smashing that azz!

  • yoboi

    that botch wack! I hate all that makeup shit! I hate to see what she looks like in the morning

  • canarsieee

    to much make up

  • seriously?

    I’m a fan of this chick since the last time she was on here. She’s one of those junts that you have the urge to dust of the ole cape for and ask “Why you strippin?” after you had too many at the titty bar!!!

    • jfizzle

      @seriously, you said dust the cape off huh, you crazy playa!! lol, Yo Hahz mediatfakeout jacking your pics and stories again. They got Irene up 2day also. You should start putting f*ck MTO on your watermark, LOL Shorty look like she a bundle of energy

      • still118

        LOL @ fcuk MTO on the watermark…bet that’ll get they attention

        • MoorFedayeen

          lol That would be a good idea jfizz but at the same time they given Hahz alot of shine when they bite his sh*t. The fake stories is what I don’t like. I swear the ppl that own that site are NOT black and they just created it to make us look stupid.

          • Nah the owner is a black guy named Fred they had a article on him in a magazine.

          • MoorFedayeen

            Oh I know that Hahz! I saw the coon b4 but many ppl thought Russell was and still is runnung Def Jam or Debra Lee runs BET-bullshit. MTO & World Star is parented by THE GIANT Viacom. They just put a black face on it so ppl can’t cry racism much like they use black politicians to hurt us the most. Much of the video they show wouldn’t be allowed to be shown on that site for fear of copyright retribution. Think about that. TMZ gives them videos. What does TMZ get out of it?

            They’re all Zionist websites just like Google and Youtube-FACT

          • where u see that wshh parent company is viacom @?

        • @still118 I was lost at first but I see they posted her pics at that site smh… I am used to sites following the ans blueprint

          • MoorFedayeen

            Yeah Hahz, I gotta check again but I know MTO is and if WSHH is a sister of MTO then what do you expect? MTO & WSHH are under TMZ and who is TMZ under??? Of course you know TMZ has a show on one of Viacoms channels

          • @MoorFedayeen Where do you see MTO & WSHH are under TMZ?

          • ed


            From my understanding, those web sites are not owned by a “Fred” or an individual similar to you. They are ran as off-record basis and serve as a “gutter-feeder” to the entertainment/music industry.

            They are actually owned and ran by industry insiders and their goal is to prevent any independent blogs out there from coming up by pretending to be the best.

          • @ed all website info is public record. What your saying could be true but there would be something needed to support that.

          • Rich Ross

            the niggas the run wshh live in my neighborhood in miami its a chico and a dred nigga stop all this espionage shit they started that website on a fuckin laptop

  • t-tyme

    nice body, face is ok as well !!!

  • Mr Stackley

    I might trick on her, I’m just sayin if you got a line on her let me know what it do. In the words of baby face “I’ll pay your rent, I’ll cook your dinner babe…as soon as I get home from work” lol


    Yep she bangin!!

  • Jake

    Damn she Bad…

  • jfizzle

    @Hahz, I think earlier this year you had put up an article regarding a rise in stripper license application (which still makes me laugh) but are the strip clubs in the ATL still poppin in these poor economic times. Cuz I get me a gas gift card from my parents for Christmas, yo that’s the best Christmas gift since I got a Nintendo with COntra!! UP, UP, DOWn, DOWn, Left,Right, Left, Right, B,A, Start!! LOL!!

  • Tim

    Nice looking broad she looks better with no makeup.

  • Tim

    I forgot to answer the question, yes several times. Even better when you befriend them and you can hit her and her girlfriends for almost nothing.

  • jfizzle

    The video was a nice touch, she look even better in the video if that’s possible

  • Stezo

    pose 7, 16, & 20…..hold on boo, while i wrap my bib around my neck

  • Drestackones

    Bitch bad point blank period she def had work done and that nor the make up make a difference she dope… Now on to some game..3 things 1)satisfy ya dick 2) follow ya gut 3) LISTEN TO YA FINANCES!!!!!! If u feel like u did some sucker shit 9/10 U DID…Most of the times when dudes trick is because they dont see a difference from square broads looking for a little “help” and the $trippers and hoe$ lookin to “entertain” u Im just sayin…