Saturdays at Harlem Nights Ultra Lounge Pictures (1-26)

· January 28, 2013

Harlem Nights Saturday Night

After the 11th annual Honda battle of the bands at the Georgia Dome everyone headed over to Fly Society Saturdays at Harlem Nights ultra lounge. R&B singer Brandy was in the building for a short period of time.

Harlem Nights Saturday Night

Harlem Nights Saturday Night

Harlem Nights Saturday Night

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Discussion5 Comments

  1. DCAssLuva says:

    i kinda liked the new comment section better lol

    • Big ALbert says:

      The newer one took a while to load.

      Shawty to the left in the top pic is fine as hell btw. She got that Miss Joie look to her.

  2. BzB says:

    brown dress butterfaced up like crazy. shorty with the red top and sun glasses wearing the troll face. jazzy fizzle need to get his weight under control before he fall out.

  3. Juan says:

    Is this the release party for Transformers 4!! Lol

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