Pinky shaking her midget booty in the strip club

· June 30, 2009

Pinky getting warmed up prior to hitting the strip club stage by making her booty thunder clap.

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  1. rob says:

    Pinky has fell off! She look like my old fat uncle! She aint that slim thang with the big booty no more!!!

  2. PLAYA says:

    Baby need to go sit down somewhere and regroup. When I saw her for the time I was like damn she da shiznit. She really looks run down now.

  3. dynasty says:

    she fell off miserrably

    • Phat Karat says:

      DJ Nasty you wrong for that one….. Hire her…. give me the promo job and see if she don’t pull a crowd, phat or thin….. men like big girls too…..

      • Phat Karat says:

        As a matter of fact, I think I’ll get some inverster’s together and bring her to Orlando!!!!

  4. J nice says:

    she is so far past attractive who knows if she will ever bounce back.. Who is her management ben and jerrys?

  5. Jake says:

    She should be ashamed of herself for letting herself get that fat, considering how she looked a few years ago.

    • Phat Karat says:

      Men with no business sense….. The girl is gold mine….. so sad ya’ll with the money don’t see pass your preferred taste…. Let’s take a toll…… You ain’t fu$&@#*% the best until you fu@#%*& a big girl!

  6. mandingo says:

    i’ll still put the dingo in her

  7. weezyiswayne609 says:

    yeah she can get it

    • Phat Karat says:

      Pinky is the hottest shhhhhh…. out there…. Heavy or light weight, she gets it…… This is my get my man ready chic…

  8. 901 Gangsta says:

    fell off

  9. mark wallace says:

    i bet all u pathetic ass clows would fuk her in a sec even with the wieght, and if y’all female get y’all dumbasses off here being jealous of a pornstar, stripping, hoe. its stupid if u want 2 be a bitch to their dog go 4 it.

  10. darrell39 says:

    Pinky gives the worst shows on Earth in Chicago. She is a liar and a con artist, that’s real

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