Pinky getting warmed up prior to hitting the strip club stage by making her booty thunder clap.

  • rob

    Pinky has fell off! She look like my old fat uncle! She aint that slim thang with the big booty no more!!!


    Baby need to go sit down somewhere and regroup. When I saw her for the time I was like damn she da shiznit. She really looks run down now.

  • dynasty

    she fell off miserrably

    • Phat Karat

      DJ Nasty you wrong for that one….. Hire her…. give me the promo job and see if she don’t pull a crowd, phat or thin….. men like big girls too…..

      • Phat Karat

        As a matter of fact, I think I’ll get some inverster’s together and bring her to Orlando!!!!

  • J nice

    she is so far past attractive who knows if she will ever bounce back.. Who is her management ben and jerrys?

  • Jake

    She should be ashamed of herself for letting herself get that fat, considering how she looked a few years ago.

    • Phat Karat

      Men with no business sense….. The girl is gold mine….. so sad ya’ll with the money don’t see pass your preferred taste…. Let’s take a toll…… You ain’t fu$&@#*% the best until you fu@#%*& a big girl!

  • mandingo

    i’ll still put the dingo in her

  • weezyiswayne609

    yeah she can get it

    • Phat Karat

      Pinky is the hottest shhhhhh…. out there…. Heavy or light weight, she gets it…… This is my get my man ready chic…

  • 901 Gangsta

    fell off

  • mark wallace

    i bet all u pathetic ass clows would fuk her in a sec even with the wieght, and if y’all female get y’all dumbasses off here being jealous of a pornstar, stripping, hoe. its stupid if u want 2 be a bitch to their dog go 4 it.

  • darrell39

    Pinky gives the worst shows on Earth in Chicago. She is a liar and a con artist, that’s real