Pics: Sultry Simone’s Donk Drives The Women & Men Crazy In The Club

· March 27, 2012

Sultry Simone

Sultry Simone crosses the US boarder to shut down a party in Toronto this past weekend. Murder was the case that Sultry got in that pink leopard body suit in the club. I see how all the women were hands on and had to grab that big old booty of hers. The facial expressions of the people in the background and taking the picture say it all. Thoughts?

Sultry Simone

propz LTV

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  1. tHe kiD fRanKiE says:

    Nice but that Wshh video killed we career IMO it was lookin flabby x sick
    That being said….I’m goin in!!!!

  2. Simba says:

    She wrecked herself with the buttshots. Smh. Shame.

  3. a55town says:

    Why no dudes touching on her? Only other females

  4. cameo says:

    Her 10 minutes of fame is almost over, she was the bomb when she first came on the scene, but in order to maintain in this business you have to keep the product (the booty) in shape. She’s too flabby in the ass. Its just big, with no real shape. Tahiry, in the gym, everyday, that’s the difference !

  5. smoker-san says:

    its ova for her…no dudes on it cause we watch wshh videos

  6. crabs says:

    tenderized steak past its expiration date. bring on the youngbloods like nadea imean.

    • queso BP.1 says:

      I dont know why the hell she did that to herslef? she wasnt happy wit what the fuc# she had? @crabs wth these broads be thinkiin? Her azz was fine as is kid.

      • Scootyblack says:

        @queso.. I don’t know cause one of my best friend is built just like her but has a smaller waist. She lives on the gym and doesn’t have an ounce of cellulite. But she recently lost 15 pounds and her ass looks even bigger cause she slimmed her hips down a bit. It looks fake as hell but she was built like this even when we were preteens. I don’t think Simone is fake I think she ain’t been hitting the gym

  7. SupremeJuan says:

    I used to have a thang for this chic until I seen her last WSHH Video she just messed her body up !! And to make things worst her A$$ was already phat as hell so what’s with the logic of having the biggest butt if it’s not quality .Side note I am looking at the pics of the sista’s digging her, is it just me being to conservative but I am getting tired of all our blk women turning into dikes !!

  8. DCAssLuva says:

    wow!!! its some BI a$$ females these days 4real im thinking the females asked could they touched it and she most be BI and was smiling and said yeah

    but i think a guy asked could he grab and she said no!! if u not gonna let men grab your butt dont let women some women are just as big pervs as men biting and just cuffing it it that was men we would be called thirsty and no self control like a mugg

  9. DCAssLuva says:

    that ass dont even look right in that bodysuit i think that worldstar vid turnt everybody off lol she will still get magazine shoots cus of photoshop

    i unfollowed her been meaning to unfollow her 3rd person talking a$$ for a meant she is conceited!!!!

  10. MoorFedayeen says:

    Get her outta here! Yall remember I showed that video when she first dropped way back?

  11. queso BP.1 says:

    shoutout to @RED 4th pic lavender zip up hoody in the back..standing up praying eyes closed @REDS prayer “Lawd please let sultry walk by me so i can rub my dic@ up against her” LOL

  12. Infamous says:

    Trash…she’s done.

  13. WHO IS REX????? says:

    put a fork in this beach SHES DONE!!!ITS A WRAP

  14. Red-Caramel City Inc. says:

    She Fell Off….

    she look like Medusa in the first Pic

  15. PapiChulo says:

    Some females you can just tell got that holla back /good pu$$y, sultry betta not catch me on naked on payday

  16. ginoBrown says:

    The thrill is gone.

  17. even though the booty is fake…id still wanna see what’s up with her and that azz. Before the WSHH video Sultry was a 9.2 in my book,now she’s a 8.8 at the most.

  18. downbydariver says:

    I been told yall Suckers abt Sultry & Portia nw yall niggaz turning yall back on her like sum uncle tom’s…this hoe wuz never fuckin wit my baby mama Tia Simone, Pink Passion, Mizz Natural, Soleil, Nadean Imani, Super Mami, or Tahiry but u cant tell dat JACKASS @ Louie V nothing..

  19. Will says:

    Skeet! Skeet!

  20. QuaiQuai_20 says:

    Sultry, can I feel that booty of yours?

  21. realtalkldn says:

    Sultry once had that azz that was perfect, but for some reason she werent satisfied, maybe pebbles gave her a reference she look unproportioned like a cartoon character. Not really feeling no more. If someone like me smashed it would be for the sake of it now

  22. treydarealest1 says:

    sultry looking good in these

  23. Tim says:

    Yeah, I agree with a lot of the dudes on here maybe it is a wrap for her. I was and still am one of her biggest supporter, but all them broads who wanted to ph uck her just turned me off a bit. Now when you hear the term, “Is it something in the water.” They not talking about how phat a broad is not more, they talking about how these broads all diked out!

    Not sure if she is, but one can never tell! Oh well, least she did beat portia in a straight up contest, right here on this very forum.


  24. bwilli215 says:

    Eeew,, pass

  25. Playboy69 says:

    I am Sultry Simone fan but by these photos I think SULTRY SIMONE is a LIP STICK LESBIAN!…MAJOR POINTS DEDUCTED! My number 1 shot is now open at the URBAN PLAYBOY’S MANSION!…LMAO!

  26. S.W.ATL MADE says:

    I have a dedication….I dedicate Young Jeezys song “so sad ” to Sultry Simone….I hope she is listening.

  27. mr.p says:

    Lol sultry ass BEEN fake since she came on the scene anf been had that celulite i been trying to.tell yall dudes a longggg time ago way before yhe wshh video

  28. Buy_Kurious_Guy says:

    Too much bootee for my little wee-wee!! I wud get lost n da bootie!!…..LoLz!!

  29. Ez Deezy says:


  30. Cold and Hot says:

    The smaller she get the more fake the donk look, I just can’t get with fake, I like big natural donks though. She still a nice lookin chick though, and too much lesbian sh-t going on these days.

  31. ON says:

    u lame n1ggas is mad

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