Videos from Adult entertainer and PAWG Aaliyah Maria who stars in CTE video for there new single ‘Bag Money’. Are you feeling her?

  • I don’t do white meat but this one here got me thinking. Damn she fine as hell. Now I have to give her credit for her body she’s nice.

    • jfizzle

      @850, I think she got some black in her, if not I can give her some. LOL

      • Lmao………I think alot of black men won’t have a problem with that. What’s going on with you playboi I haven’t heard from u in a min. Damn what happened to Cakes man?

        • jfizzle

          @850, work has been crazy I ain’t been able to get away, I think Cakes man found out about her coming on ANS and he shut that down.

    • Forty_and_Fly_Guy

      850…IT’S ALL PINK INSIDE….My boy has a thick white girl and says she serves him sexually and every other way, check this, …DRAMA Free

      • @Jfizzle yeah man I understand that. Work been crazy for me too. Busy or not i’m coming on to this site to check out what Hahz is posting. So far Hahz been impressing me.

    • Love all women brother not a bad thing to think about.

  • mr.portcity

    Another chick from canada they have sum hidden talent up there…

    • MoorFedayeen

      Hell yeah they do. I’m make it my business to hit the Carabana this year. Cats just don’t know, T-dot is where it’s at.

      • dizzim

        I already have my ticket pimpin. I’ll c u there and I will be trying to figure out where these thick ones are hiding out at.

      • trap101

        THese are my ways up here Moor, only thing I gotta say is u better make it seem like u got a grip, these birds up here are just like in the A, all about how much papers u got, and not what they could do.

        • MoorFedayeen

          @Trap101 Damn it’s like that? I guess I’ma find out real quick then what they bout. It’s gonna be too many to be pressed. I never knew you were in T-Dot.

  • jfizzle

    @hahz, when you say adult entertainer do you mean stripper or porn star? If porn star what movies has she been in?

    • porn don’t know her movie resume fam


      @jfizzle and 850Cane, shorty is nice but trust me when i tell yall that she aint got shiiit on these white girls from the Ark homie this is the land of “bad white girls” and when i say bad i mean face,body,swag and all,i graduated with white girls that look like that and i been out of school for seven years so you can just imagine what the 2011 white girls look like,yal need to make a special trip down to my state one day fam and just peep the scenery,forget what you heard fam its some nice females here black,white,latino,indian any kind you can think of.Stay up tho and be safe my black brothers.

      • @ArkansasBigDog man I can’t go there because If I do I know I won’t bring my black ass back home lol. But yeah homie I believe you I really do. It’s women everywhere because I know in Fl…… my lord my brother. And it’s getting hot man u fixin to see some good stuff. Ask my Boi Dhaynes he resides in Fl he can tell you regardless of what nationality bro we got it. But I see where u coming from I might just take a trip.

      • Mr. H

        Ark what’s up bruh! 501 in here. You ain’t lying bruh i went to school at UofA & they breeding thick chicks up there fam. Im back in LR now…same thing.


          Mr.H wut it do pimpin bout time i got somebody from the MadArk to vouch for the ladies bro. Its been a minute since i been on UofA campus but i can imagine what the females looking like now…u betta tell these black brothers bout these stallions we got man cuz i dont think they really understand

  • Ceasar

    Shes cool for a white girl, cant really pop that booty like the sistas tho.. Shes weekend wife status!

  • Tim

    Typical Big dumpy sloppy white broad….? That’s it.

  • scog81

    Bad Azz white girl. Pounding!!!

  • G 26’s



    • Kelly does have a big donkey azz lol

      • IrishDublin

        Thats the Gaelic blood in her.

  • Seattleslim

    I can’t front, for a white girl she’s pretty impressive.

  • Datnigga91


  • sammo

    she got a little swagger in her step, an she def. smashable….yeah i’m feelin her!!!!!

  • That chick is bad

  • Troy


  • jerseybrotha

    Heeeheee! Comments are funny! But that phat ass aint! I like her!

  • Tight post. PEACE!!!

  • Trio5

    Believe me. Her butt is real. She used to be fat. So when she started getting in shape and losing weight, luckily for her, she kept her butt size. Her boobs are fake and she’ll openly tell anyone that.
    I wouldn’t touch her though. Current/ex stripper from Toronto, clings to rappers from Toronto, does “mixtape covers” for rappers, etc. I dunno if they’re cool with each other anymore, but Tanya “Sexi Barbie” and Aaliyah are in the same category (except Barbie’s butt and boobs are fake). Canadian girls that love “swag” and “ballers” from America. Peace.

  • Moula

    Aaliyah Maria is a problem, i bet she murders it in the sack too.

  • whatever111

    for the record her ass is fake, pure ass shots dont be fooled!!! she also got her stomach done, again do be fooled!!