Ms. All White Everything shut down the club. I think the guy in the background with the red/black shirt on would agree. Guess what NBA superstar left the night club with her?

His Face lol

Guess who left the club with her??

  • Realtalkin

    She got a nice body for sure, woulda hollered instantly.

    • +1

      • queso (The Corp)

        Yup yup

    • 850

      If I was Harden I woulda had my hands all on dat azz.

    • REX!!!

      Fcked up n ugly= FUGGLY

      smashable but her face is questionable

  • Jake

    DSL’s with a phat A$$ a bottle of Henney, my evening is set.

    • 850

      I agree and it looks like her body is 100% natural. My kind of woman.

  • Mister Mister

    Damn badd from the neck down lol

    • too_funny

      @Mister…come on homie she far from ugly lol

      • Mister Mister

        LOL, u right….maybe it’s the makeup & hair

  • Newyorkvixen

    Shes Odee sexy but that hair and makeup gotta go lol

  • too_funny

    she nice

    shout out to @Bstrait and CGM crew in pic 1 on the left.

    @Bstrait rockin the hot red pants, white t, with his blue mr rogers sweater on and @presto rockin the same ensemble in a different color way.

    • Cakes(what we doin’)

      Lol they love matching and putting their outfits together at Realtalkn and Queso’s apartment..

      • too_funny

        hahah wassup @cakes…so “what we doin” later?

        • Cakes(what we doin’)

          Ima ask you straight up are we fng or not huh…lol just kidding i love that good Too_funny whats up with you? look at this clown right here bstrait youre not about to do anything simmer down lol

          • Realtalkin

            Lmao @cakes i got no words for you girl

          • queso (The Corp)

            @Cakes mad cus they discontinued twinkies lol
            …out there protesting

          • too_funny

            lol @cakes baby im always good… you already know the answer so i dont know y you even asking, show up at your normal time so we can dive deep.

          • Cakes(what we doin’)

            Omg Too_Funny youre a trip and Lol @Queso

          • Lmao @queso, “mad cuz they discontinued twinkies”

            *@cakes screaming*….”Damn u hostess….damn u”

        • queso (The Corp)

          @toobummy aka too-ashy what up kid?

          • too_funny

            wassup @queso

      • @toofunny & @big slices, don’t make me finish yall off today LOL

        • 850

          She looks yummy to me. Shorty fine as hell. Harden is like Wesley Snipes off of New Jack City he will cancel a woman in a minute.

        • 850

          Damn B-strait y’all doing it like that? Lol………………..

  • I’ll save her number.

  • Playboy69

    She gets 8.5 Card….She Kuntry Thick…lol

  • MoorDetroitRed

    Face down (deep in the pillow) a$$ up.

    Even @B Straight gotta gawk in the last pic.

    **Aye girl, you know if Moor coming up here tonight? I tucked my chain in just in case. I know better now**

    • Nigga u still snatching chains?? U a early 90’s clown thug @mooron smh. I don’t wear jewelry anyways

      *what would happen if @mooron snatched a MGC members chain*

      Lmao….niggas don’t play that. #mgc

      **chick in the all white spandex**….”damn B…why u n MGC whoop lil dude like that,he’s the clown that paid a $150 for my bottle of henny..oh well…Cmon B take me home & me”

      • MoorDetroitRed

        “..take me home & me”???

        Wtf is that. Nigga face palmed after he reread his own post.

  • She can geeeeeeeeeeeeeeet it. No question.

  • 828jeffe

    She is good to go

  • President Ward


    • 850

      @P.Ward my thoughts exactly.

  • lnfamous ONE

    Not impressed.

  • Big ALbert

    Her body is crazy.

  • ginoBrown

    Ain’t no denying that her body A-1 but she has ratchet written all over her: typical bop hairdo,clownish makeup,and toting around a open bottle of liquor(which i’m sure was turnt upside down most of the night) so that means alcohol breath…that a** makes her good for a night, maybe even a few but that’s about it.

  • RED(Corp)

    Body on point…lips too!

  • TBag

    How does Hardens ugly ass 50 year old looking self pull these chicks?