Some people are calling Sierra Senquis the next Bria Myles.. Check out Sierra’s homefessional and professional picture gallery below and decide if she is the next Bria.

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New Jhonni blaze DSAfterDark shoot


  • Damn she thick!!! BP corp selection in the 3rd round LOL. @moor starts to cry LOL. She’s smashworthy no doubt!!!

    • MoorFedayeen

      You really clowning yourself. How da fucc she BP in any shape or form? Just admit it. You n1ggas ain’t had no pics in the past week. This woman chocolate as f*ck and u over there talking that bp bullsh1t. She coalition like the rest. Give a damn what u or @Red’s creme puff a$$ gotta say about her. TC

      • Haha….ans tough guy here^^^ LOL. Smh. Ur very passionate about that coalition junk,it don’t matter tho we gon make light work of that too!!! BP homie!!!

        • Simba

          She’s TC all the way

          • PapiChulo

            Damnnnnn really liking this chic here, natural chocolate thick mama, she reminds me of a thick kesha knight aka RUDY, she my new favorite a thick rudy

  • queso BP.1

    Nice…nah Bria was a monster in her day that’ll be hard to beat…I don’t think she even fuc#in wit the present Bria. But Shorty nice no doubt.

    • Fly Vega


    • Realtalkldn

      Real talks

      • MoorFedayeen

        She’s not

    • BzB

      word up she ain’t seeing bria. she thick but not as pretty or fine as bria.

  • why she gotta be the next bria? this chick has great qualities. she thick,pretty,and chocolate. can’t argue with that..and b,let’s give this one to team chocolate..whatever is left of that group anyway.

    • LOL they can have her,I was just joshin!!

      • trap101

        Bump that! We keeping this one on the books……BP Corp Get down or Lay Down. Any new vixen posted I want in, any hoodrat or gold digger posted I want in, any “reformed” hoe’s I want in. We the Corp, TC gonna shrivel up like the 1 inch peen that they are.

        • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

          Y’all tripping….this team chocolate here!

          • presto 2.0

            who asked this “lurker” anything…shew fly…shew!…lol

            **FBI dissappears in the crowd**….”i knew i shoulda kept my mouth closed…”

  • jamar

    I want the blackest woman i can find…

    • MoorFedayeen

      ^^^real talk. Black coffee, no sugar, no creme…

  • downbydariver

    Happy friday gentleman, she thick as tap water….yes sirrrrr…

    • bigblackdude

      As tap water, i like that $hit….yeah she bad fa show!

  • treydarealest1

    Not the next Bria but she tight work weave and all.

  • MoorFedayeen

    Why even use such a politically charged song then draw sh1t on yaself, like you have a point to prove. This vid is all about the AZZ, foh with the rest you talkin.

  • Lazarus

    @Moor been goin hard lately fam, put somethin in the air. The Heat won, Olympics bout to start and it’s Friday. Relax fam. Sierra is Nice very nice. But Bri-Bri she is not. That’s a heavy weight. This a middle weight, but smashworthy.

    • MoorFedayeen

      All I know how to do is go Hard!…especially on Prestos girl. It goes down!


    I think she’s alil made up by PhotoShop,but at the same time she’s CERTIFIED BY FAR N SMASHABLE TO SAY THE LEAST!!!!


    She straight wit da state but Bria got some BIG shoes to fill

  • DCAssLuva

    she phat as hell espeacilly in the 1st pic in the all black she a stallion and pic 7 dont see her dating no white boys bria a surburbs cali girl thats why she dates white boys

  • DCAssLuva

    she can take over the modelin game wit that azz if she promoted right

  • TYBO2020

    #4 ON MY NEW TOP 5..

  • Rock

    Welcome to Team Chocolate.

    • Red BP Monopoly

      Translation:Welcome to Bottom of the Food Chain

  • Mizz Dr is the WIFE!!

    She bad !! Fuck that

  • Tiffyfbaby

    Love you big sis ! You’re doing your thing ! <3

  • JJ

    I will kiss that front and back..Damn she fine.