I think Tatted Up Holly is the next big thing outta NYC since Tahiry.

Check out her new Dynasty series 4th of July spread and other new pictures down below.She was recently on Shade 45 during the Whookid show claiming her assets were 100% and that she get’s it from her momma. She also talked about her getting tatted up while working in a tattoo’s parlor many years ago.

Holly will be hosting “50 Cent’s Birthday Bash,” the first solo venture by rapper/promoter 50 Cent’s SMS Promotions, is headlined on ESPN Friday Night Fights by a 10-round throw-down between undefeated North American Boxing Organization (NABO) and North American Boxing Association (NABA) light heavyweight champion Eleider “Storm” Alvarez (12-0, 8 KOs) and former world super middleweight ti*le challenger Allan “Ghost Dog” Green (32-4, 22 KOs). Alvarez-Green is being presented in association with Groupe Yvon Michel (GYM).

Twenty-year-old “Magic Man” Luis Olivares, Jr. (4-0, 3 KOs), promoted by Curtis (50 Cent) Jackson’s SMS Promotions, is on the fast track to potential stardom. His accelerated path already finds him in his fifth professional fight, since his pro debut this past March, on the July 5th ESPN Friday Night Fights card, airing live from the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford.


  • Butter.

    • REX!!!

      And 1

      • REX!!!

        She certified like a mothaphucka

  • queso (The Corp)

    Yea she nice saw her a few times around.

    • everything was jiggling haha

      • queso (The Corp)

        @Lateef lmao actually her shi# don’t have a lot of bounce to it..still nice though

  • blizzy

    Stock is on the rise….. 2 thumbs up on all the pics i have seen from her

  • Mgc day continues…….she’s hot!

    • RED(Corp)


      *Best in the world*

  • Realtalkin

    Too damn fine to me

  • ginoBrown

    She nice

  • Playboy69

    Tattedupholly is hottest chick outta of all the Starlet chicks…..Sorry Bernice Burgos!…..LMAO!

    • brandy

      Playboy69 u must be blind to think Tatted up Holly could be in the same category.. Bernice Burgos runs circles around any startender @ starlets let alone in person and picture wise. Bernice Burgos is the one

  • RED(Corp)

    Yeah she climbing up the rankings

    Power of MGC

  • Big ALbert

    Meh…..she aite I guess.

    • President Ward


      • Newyorkvixen

        Word, all y’all niggas going crazy over her cause y’all don’t see chicks like this in your neighborhood…. come out to Miami, NY, ATL, and you see honeys like this 24/7

        • bob

          yes I was thinking the same thing she is built like what she is a dominican woman , most of them got crazy nice bodies like that go to washington heights any day this summer and see if im lying.

  • REX!!!

    I betcha she gave 50 some p# ssy,n only mess with ballers

  • mr leftfoot

    Good lawd!!

  • Big B

    If she was just Holly & not Tatted Up Holly then she’d be 100% bangin but all them tats give her a certain level of ratchetness to me.

  • crabapples

    pretty and thick too. nice. tats are wack tho. what does the think she’s gonna be a skripper/model her entire life?

  • Truth

    …interesting how she admitted to getting body enhancements on her instagram–now she’s 100% genuine… only a fool would believe anything these ___ say…

  • Larcen

    This chick fine as hell real talk