Model Kathy Ferreiro on Instagram Straight Flexin’

· February 21, 2013

Cuban model Kathy Ferreiro from Miami was on Instagram straight flexin. I don’t think their is a dress in existence that stands a chance with those curves.

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  1. trap101 (The Corp North) says:

    Groupie or not………I’ll still plow the ish outta her.

  2. Realtalkin says:

    Dress fittin like a glove. Im all in!

  3. President Ward says:

    Y’all dudes gay. Kathy Ferreiro = transex

  4. too_funny says:

    @prez ….. Lol the first pic she does look like a dude with a thin mustache.

    • trap101(The Corp North) says:

      ^^^^says the man who gets oiled up n slips into a pairnof skin tight leather pants to croon Prince songs all day to his TC brethren like @Moor………….u TC chumps are softer than Charmin.

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