Check out some homefessional pictures and video from Deions new girl Aleea Lee. She recently Deion Sanders ex-wife Pilar on Twitter.

Lee posted two different Tweets that were aimed directly at Pilar, with the first comparing the two women to Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Anniston.

“Do people understand that it’s not all about looks!!!! There’s a reason why I was Angelina and she was Jennifer ! But I’ll stay quiet.”

She tweeted yesterday.

Later, however, she did seem to clarify her relationship with Sanders.

“and the funny thing is that the furthest thing we ever did was HUG. I’m not easy baby…”

she posted later in the day.


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  • a55town

    Its a win/win from his ex-wife Pilar to this model chick….but a lost on the marriage break up…in the end I think a low 20% of Americans will be married in the future….IMO

    • E-Dub

      I agree with the 20% if it is even that high in the future. It will probably be more married gay couple and hetro couples.

  • Jake

    I have to dis-agee, Aleea is nice looking but I don’t think she can hold a candle against Pilar Sanders in my opinion. Pilar is 40 and her body and face is banging. Aleea has the thickness over Pilar for sure but can Aleea keep that body and looks up over the long haul.

  • PapiChulo

    First off Aleena is a beautiful female, but pilar is a mother and damnnn near twice her age and still looks better with her, so FAIL at her tweet.

    2nd you can tell she aint the sharpest knife in the drawer because of her analogy which makes no sense , she is saying deion is with her and picked her (angelina) obver (pilar) when actually Angelina looks better than jenn, and to base it off a hug and to air out dirty laundry halfway and then say you will be quiet, is another fail.

    Just shut up Aleen and look pretty baby, dont talk lol

    On a side note: she pretty and all but Deion a lil to old to continiously fall for these eyecandy only basic braods, nl.gga get you a fine black news anchor woman

    • jfizzle

      @Papi, yeah a fine black news anchor like Tamron Hall!! That woman drives me crazy!!

    • MalleG’s

      @PapiChulo, Exactly!!! x10 on everything you just said player

      • jfizzle

        @malleG, dammn bro you just messed up my week. I hope that ain’t true. But hey maybe Odonnell an OG news man, Play on Playa

  • Simba

    She’s fine.

    But I always laugh when these broads have backshot and lingerie pictures then try to come with that “i’m not easy” talk..


  • Red-Caramel City Inc.

    I ain’t mad at him

    at least she a sista

    • +1. In glad she’s a looker too!!!

      • PapiChulo

        I aint mad at him either especially if he smashing, because she is fineee, but the problem is that he aint just smashing these basic broads, he trying to make them wifey too. OG rule #1 stop trying to turn these broads into house wives.

        He met Pilar on a movie set, she was acting and he said he had to chase her for a while, then he tried to turn her into a house wife, which failed because she aint a homebody

        he divorced his first wife because he didnt want a homebody he wanted someone that understood his partying lifestyle, the n.gga cofused and too grown to be dating these fine community college girls, get you a sexy grown woman/anchor to match your status

        how you gone take a female that take backshots for a living to a CBS black tie function

        white woman: Oh hi deion is this your lovely lady, im so glad you moved on and got over that last one

        dieon: why yes this is my lady

        woman: Dieon what does she do for a living

        deion: umm

  • Tim

    She a sista and she got an azz. The old wife did not have an Azz! Dude surprised me.


    Is this the broad PAC man hooked him up with?

  • treydarealest1

    that nigga downgraded

  • Greg4422

    She’s cute, but it’s not going to work out.

  • Prime706

    She sexy as shit she ain’t pilar but it’s hard to find a pilar but she bad I give her a 10.

  • Cold and Hot

    She a sexy lil somethin, I see he got him a lil young thang for the time being.

  • 614

    Any chick in his age bracket. < pilar

  • Big AL

    Wow this nicca FAILED with this chick. Pilar bad as hell and this chick is average as hell and not classy at all. Pilar has a beautiful face with a ridiculous body. I’ve dated a lot of chicks prettier then this whore though. She using him for publicity anyway smh.

    Pilar= 9
    This girl=7

  • brickcity kid

    PILAR…she as has this little girl beat.

  • WildWild

    Hug a code word for smashing… my chick told me that’s our code word for what we do… every since day 1 a hug quickly she ain’t fooling nobody