Maliah, Cat, Nekisha Taneli, Gissy Doll, Candy Richards, And Marleny Nunez Hit The Club

· June 10, 2013

Here is the next round of what vixen looked the best headed to the night club.. starring Maliah Michel , Cat Washington, Nekisha Taneli, Gissy Doll, Candy Richards, And Marleny Nunez.

Who got your vote?


Cat Washington

Nekisha Taneli

Gissy Doll


Candy Richards

Marleny Nunez


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Discussion45 Comments

  1. Reverend Sanford says:

    I’ll knock Nekisha down!

  2. Playboy69 says:

    Marleny Nunez got that LATINA HEAT she going for For The Win! Maliah & Cat are runner up tho

  3. Playboy69 says:

    And Yes Marleny Nunez gets Standing Ovation!…LOL!

  4. Nekisha boss’n up.. Masterpiece frame.. Str8^

  5. RED(Corp) says:

    Nekisha Taneli on my scouting report

    She definitely can get it

    • Hahz says:

      she is on the rise according to the ANS stock report.

      • Playboy69 says:

        @Hahz…She has won her last 3 post…. But Ms. Nunez is Bring the LATINA HEAT in this post! We shall see if Nekisha Taneli winning streak continues

    • MoorDetroitRed says:

      @Red you already know what time is. She ain’t in y’all circle so look but don’t touch.

      • Playboy69 says:

        @Moor….Nekisha Taneili for TC vs Winny aka ImBadder for MGC vs Raymi Payano for Team FairyTales 2013 Rookie Class….BRING IT!…LOL!

        • 850 says:

          @Moore you tell’em bro.

          @ Pboy I can’t front Nekisha have to have some good pics posted because I don’t wanna see her loose against no one. She’s damn sho fine and beautiful as hell. I like what i’m seeing with this young lady. She wins this post!

          • Playboy69 says:

            @850….Nekisha Taneil got the CHOCOLATE running through her veins! ….LOL!

          • 850 says:

            @Pboy she has something running through them. Damn she fine as hell. She has to be a runner up for ANS Rookie of the year! Her and Winny will be a good match. But Brianna Bette got dayum the new ANS Queen!

          • Playboy69 says:

            @850….Tell Maliah Michel That The Crown Aint Safe…Lol

        • Winny would bust TC & team fairytales azz!!! No questions. She too strong for yall LOL


          • Playboy69 says:

            @Strait….Child Please….Winny may not Survive the Magic of Team Fairytales…lol

          • 850 says:

            Lmao @ Pboy!!!!!

            @B-strait bruh I can’t believe that statement came out of your mouth. I’m appalled @ your remark. We have some Stallions that can stand up in the pint with any woman u have @ ur corp. Winny is very sexy and eye catching. But the thing is this Brianna B, Nakisha, Jenny Jahaan, DBcurves, DC Dallas, Juju, Krysti Hill, Kayla Koutoure, Kim Stamp, Lady Joycelynn, Lastarya, Miracle Watts, Robin.V, Yummy the great, Bo Tally, Vera Sidika-vee the list goes on. Now when MGC females run up on TC women they better pack a lunch because TC doesn’t go down without a fight. Case closed!

  6. M0311 says:

    Nunez!!! …….ALL DAY!!

  7. Mister Mister says:

    I gotta go with Maliah & Nekisha

  8. seanjohn100 says:

    1st Marleny Nunez
    2nd ms cat
    3rd Gissy

    dont care for the rest

  9. ginoBrown says:

    Give me Nekisha and i’m good for the month.

  10. yungwhittx says:

    Maliah, but that nekeisha is sumthn serious

  11. REX!!! says:

    All them hoez can get the dillz but whenever MALIAH is on the post SHES GETTIN POPPED 1ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *nakisha gets honorable mention*

  12. WHATDAHELL says:

    solid post. everyone looking right. im walking in with all of them at the same time like its Flavor of Love.

  13. Realtalkin says:

    Nekesha and Marleny got this in the bag

  14. President Ward says:

    Nekisha shut this post down.

    • 850 says:

      Give me Nekisha & Cat @ the same time. Hell you can even throw Candy Richards in the mix as well.

      • presto 2.5 says:

        boy yo lil azz couldn’t handle both at the same time…lol

        give the Vasaline a break nicca…

        • LOL @presto.

          @8fif & @mooron be fighting over the petroleum jelly(vaseline)

          (Moor voice)…”damn 8…this my jar….I’m the one who held up the Walmart truck for this vaseline”

          (850 voice)…”but nigga I was the lookout man and the driver of the getaway whip….I know I can at least get a few jars nigga”

          (Moor voice)…”nope….I’m gon need all the vaseline…pornhub made me a platinum member now”

          LOL smh….TC niggas aka the “slip & fap” boys

          • presto 2.5 says:

            lol @Platnium Member…

          • MoorDetroitRed says:

            You know the XX sites @B Cakes, I don’t.

          • @mooron, nigga gtfoh!!! Ur the p*rn encyclopedia of ans nigga. U know names,ages,govt names,the director,every face,pay wages & all type of other lil chit about p*rnstars. Now u gon really try to tell me u don’t know p*rnsites??…that’s ur biggest lie ever. Ripleys wouldn’t even believe that sh*t!!!

          • 850 says:

            @B-strait you got jokes I see. Lol payback is a bitch. that goes for you and ur lil puppet A.K.A Presto.

        • 850 says:

          @Presto that’s gay as fuck when another man is concerned about what another man can do to a female behind closed doors. Smh u nasty gay bitch. 850 smacks the hell out of presto for his gay ass comment. Then he smacks the hell out of B-strait for laughing.

  15. blizzy says:

    Marleny and Nekisha for me plz

  16. Larcen says:

    Gissy Doll and Marleny Nunez looking real scrumptious

  17. RoB_low says:

    Yo that Nekisha Taneli is a pretty bad chick, anyone know her social media stats twitter, facebook ,instragam ..

  18. mr leftfoot says:

    Marleny nunez is a beast

  19. damnshame says:

    who is dis Neksha broad….i want her with a Cat sandwich…haha

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