Check out Kiki Kayo bikini photo shoot shot by mixed magazine. The locker room spread was shot my dynasty magazine. Below are some homegrown videos displaying her dancing skills. She was posted on ANS a year ago HERE as morning thickness. Are you feeling Kiki Kayo?

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  • their a lot of pics and vids of her floating around the net and I can’t really see why…. she has been featured on some sites as well average too me

    • The mixed mag pics are kinda hot

    • presto


      • she smashable!!!

        • presto


          • mr. leftfoot


          • Voice of Reason


  • t-tyme

    she can get it !!!

  • brothaluv

    she’s nice…but nothing special about her

  • Too_Funny

    maybe its me, but i think she looks better in the video than in the pics. the videos make up for the what the photoshop pics lack (real substance)

    • presto


      • I need some chocolate today.

        • Too_Funny

          @Hahz need to stop bojanglin and drop some Hershey’s kisses.

        • Too_Funny

          @850, yo i just sent has some pics of some chocolaties hopefully he will answe our request.

      • Yeah Too Funny the video was better than the pics. She can twerk it pretty good for a slim chick i’ll giver her that.

      • ATTN Team Chocolate we have a new member his name is Steez. He has Bria for his favorite. Lmao…..Yeah buddie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • G 26’s

    she most definitely can get it

  • Chi Capitan

    Not my cup of coffee, but not bad. I probably would speak to her but wouldn’t holla

    • @ Chi-Captain I agree but I have to admit I like the video. Especially in dem khaki shorts. She was looking a lil descent in those. But I still prefer my “Chocoloate” over the “Bloody meat”.

      • Too_Funny

        @850, “bloody meat” is the new term for redbones i seen lol

        • @ Too funny yessiiiirrrrrrr lol.

          • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

            As an honorary member of team chocolate, I gotta lodge my complaint against the use of that term, “bloody meat”, to refer to redbones. It doesn’t sit right with me. I motion that all members of team chocolate be banned from using it.

          • Too_Funny

            @FBI lmao

          • presto

            they dont hear you @FBI…join a team that values your opinion….!…plz,plz(teamchocolate)dont air-out your diffrences in front of erryone(damn kids!!!………BEAUTYP CORP…”a place where we work in harmony…!!!

  • Chi Capitan

    I’ll have to check out the video then…

  • ginoBrown

    I wasn’t really feeling her after I seen the pics but im damn sho feeling her after seeing the video…she might not be a certified dime but she damn sho aint a nickel.

  • mobboss

    Well Damn.. She is ready nice and innocent look but freaky ways. Can’t get no better