Model Indonesia has some hot breath to be able to spit a Street Fighter Yoga Flame.. You can catch Indonesia in Onyx Friday.. minus all the fire. Check out her new video below and leave your thoughts on it below.

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  • queso (The Corp)

    UH OH I see some homo shi# P Ward aint gonna like thaaaaaaat!! LOL AYO Indonesia need to learn how to close her mouth or position her lips better or some shi#…aint mad at that as# though..her shi# is fat as hell..As# up face down!! LETS GET IT

    • *pops 5th Molly* Indonesia hotter than portia Jenkins LOL
      *pops 6th molly* Indonesia is my favorite alltime vixen/stripper…hotter than maliah Michels.
      *pops 7th Molly* I believe I can actually fly now lmao!!! Nobody can front on Indonesia body,she thick as hell & azz is super phat. I’m gon leave it at that,she may be trolling LOL

      • lmao @bstrait man,she’s not bad looking its just idk..the mouth movements and such but idk man..blackanese barbie is cool whip too.


          Yes lawdddddd…Indonesia is so dope!!!!

    • President Ward

      @Q this some lesbian bullsh*t.


  • she something else,huh brian? wonder if indonesia got processed goods…tight video though.

    • presto 2.5

      Yeah great job Brian…Lmao!

      stop it LaTeef…stop it

      “You still havent sign that MGC contract huh?”

      **@Sheed slowly moving up MGC Red List**…lol

      What up wit some new MGC butter…you two choco lovers fuk’n up sales…get ta work!…lol

  • queso (The Corp)

    @B That dam face though SMH one of them expressions reminded me of Wanda from In Living Color

    • queso (The Corp)

      Can i get a Wanda GIF somebody? LOL

        • President Ward

          LMFAO!!! DAYUM BRO!!!

          • Realtalkin


      • presto 2.5


        Yeah her azz should get 95% of all Royalties…and the rest of her split the rest…smh?…LMAO!

        **@Indo’s azz smacking her face**…”Yo stfu..and do what i say and both of us gonna eat realll good”…smfh?…LMAO!!

        • Lmao @queso, *wanda/J foxx voice*…”Heyyy fa’real doe…..I’ll rock ur world” LOL

        • Realtalkin

          LOLOL @presto real is real!!

          • Queso (The Corp)

            Lmao smh yall niccas ain’t right.

  • Realtalkin

    i hate that hairstyle, and them facial expressions be weird but that ass and that body are her saving grace.

  • SCOG

    Her Thick Azz would get Smashed