Saturday night Drake performed at the iHeart Radio Music festival at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas. He ran through ‘HYFR’, ‘All Me’, ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’, his verse from ‘Versace’.

I GET IT, I GET.. Drake wore a shirt with a picture of Jaden Smith cause he is about to be the next Will Smith of rap. I GET IT..

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    Drake dropped dropped album of the year, can damnnn near listen to all the cuts except for about 2 and thats including the r and b shiiit

    Pound for pound he might be realist nicca in game based on keeping it real, he doesnt rap about gangsta shiiit, just his life

    1. DRAKE
    2. K.DOT
    4. WALE
    5. ROSS (when he aint playing)

  • Murder

    This n****s a dweeb I don’t know not 1 real n****a that listens to this sucker s**t

  • Now Thats Pcp

    The album was straight feminine music… He should not be called a rapper. He should of claimed the singer card from the start

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      If he tries to rap hardcore yall call him a lame,

      when he stays in his lane and does occasional r and b shiit, yall call him soft.

      when he sings and raps, yall say he has to choose one.

      At end of the day homie is what he is

      NAS cosigned him

      Bun B cosigned him

      Jayz acknowleged and cosigned him , asked him for a feature twice and appeared on his album.

      Everytime he drops an unheard single before his album, your favorite hardest rappers go on youtube and make remixes (started from the bottom).

      The man stay with a bad broad, probably smashed your fav video model that has appeared on this site.

      Buddy aint never confessed to selling drugs, robbing people, or being nino, or being scareface, buddy just does him.

      So with all that said i guess yall still consider the man a lame.

  • Speakdatruth2013

    @ Nowhiteinmycup are u serious? You dickriding drake like you know the clown personally, seriously you stans are getting out of hand. This dude is straight trash who somehow gets away with making r@b and the nigga CANT SING LOL and when he raps its about the same shit that wack ass wayne does which is nothing.. Music of no substance and then to make it worse he’s a complete joke how can I take this dude seriously and yet he’s got people riding his jock hard.. Do you actually believe this dude be smashing females like that gtfoh are u serious lol.. I don’t like drake or his music never have and never will but these fans y’all are so brainwashed for real get a life and get off theses rappers and entertainers nuts for real..

    • Taper

      You mad bruh?

  • BzB

    drake makes albums for women and simps. there are two or three tracks where he goes in, but the rest of the album is whining and crying about something or another. dude need a testosterone check on the real cause he be on some estrogen sh1t.

    he thought he was being clever with that jaden tshirt, a pic of jaden when he was watching drake perform at the mtv awards. came off corny to me though.

  • Now Thats Pcp

    And for the record, Drake has rapped about selling drugs …..I.e “Pay me cash for the zip” but many don’t listen to lyrics…….his music still soft tho

  • I ain’t a big fan of rap like I was when I was younger. Rap today is too commercial gangsta! Which means, if the music company can convince people that you are a gansta, they will promote your album. You can be as fake as you want, i.e Officer Ricky. If dude wanna sing, that’s his business. It’s obvious that someone likes it. Who in da hell invented the, you gotta have street cred to be a rapper BS anyway.