I couldn’t think of a better aka for Jernie then Mz.Re-Thickulous and after finding out she is only 19 yrs old all I could say was “That sh1t’s crazy”. She is repping Detroit with the measurements of 36•25•46. What do you think of Jernie?


  • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

    Yessir…..repping team chocolate all the way!

    • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

      Top 10 material. Badder than Bria. 850… do you agree?

      • chico

        i know they about to jump all over me but she looks great in her pics but like a average hood rat in the video

    • T-Fleezee

      Yessir!!! She should be the spokesmodel!!

    • Cold and Hot

      4 sho

      • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

        I second that motion, T, and I think we have chosen our Mascot.

        • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

          You know what is really crazy shit, Hahz, she’s been modeling for a couple of years now. She is listed as 20 years old. She was a teenage Brickhouse. Every father’s nightmare but every player’s dream.

          • daaaammmn! #teamchocolate is trying to make a comeback lol,bring it on suckas!………bp corp!

          • yeah she is real nice,thick as hell,phat azz & decent face. But she’s no threat to QUEENP lol……….bp corp!

          • presto

            damn!…youngin got a grown woman body!!…shyt is crazzzy…i would buy her a virgin daiquiri and let her feel grown…before the “massacre” …lol…prest throws up a 8.5!

  • Cold and Hot

    Oh hell yes she super sexy!

  • Downbydariver

    Yea she RITE….& READY….

  • dammn…… that’s a bad young bitch

  • Yea lil mama is fine as hell…but when I go to the D I always see stallions like her all over the place

    • moorfedayeen

      True but she top tier though. 46″, 19 yrs old. Detroit stand the f*ck up.

  • Chi Capitan

    Bad young lady. She’s 19, so she’s probably not learned how to deal with the attention she gets each and every day. Probably still naive and thinks her looks will get her by in life forever. I just hope she has or gets it together. But nevertheless, she’s bad as British teeth.

    • trap101

      I was thinking the same thing, if she’s 19 and looking like that, u already know some local D-Boy kingpin already has that as a side piece.

    • crabapples

      your prolly right. little dimepeice now but that wont last.

      you can see the video is more recent. she got alot more stomach in the vid than in the homegrowns. time to lay off the cheetos and rallys baby. keep the waist small and the azz phat.

  • prime706

    she sexy as fuck but she needs to hit the gym and tone up some. i give her a 9.0

  • Will

    I think this gives a good comparison to the “superdonk” post, where dudes (and females) were sayin’ it didn’t look authentic…

    This post brought a tear to my eye…these were the type of posts that really put ANS on the map for me when I first peeped the site a few yrs back…seemed like every post was Re-thickulous!! Throws up 9.5 card…

    • Voice of Reason

      True I have been on here for 2+ years myself and yes I say 9 easily. She is 19 oh to be young again!!!!!!

    • crabapples

      man i just discovered ANS back in January. now i keep it open on my desktop at work now. yes this is the kind of post that keeps me coming back day after day.

      big ups to Hahz for showcasing cuties like this.


    That cheap ass store she was trying that cheesy bullshit on at even my azz could tell her baby get whatever you want.lol

  • Datmemphisboi

    What a way to gotdayum end my night!!!

  • Jimmy89

    damn she tight

  • MisterMidas

    I remember pic 5 from a while back….nice to finally get a name to match the body. I give her….a 10, yeah I said it, she a certified dime! She is pretty much exactly what I like…nothing more, nothing less, until I meet her in person and get to do a throrough exam of that body from head to toe…baby girl is flawless.

  • jpari

    very nice i like her!
    STRONG 9

    • jpari

      i switched that to a 10 babygirl is a dime i give props where it’s due 😉

  • the video is old, she was 19 in 2009. where she been since? she should’ve taken over the game by now! solid 10.

  • Dats a mother fucker

  • jfizzle

    19!!! I know she done gave her parents fits!!! That’s a stallion right there

  • ginoBrown

    Either they putting something in the water or she been drinking a whole lot of milk.

  • ginoBrown

    They either putting something in the water or she been drinking a whole lot of milk.

  • realtalkldn

    i dont think shes 19 no more i remember seeing this video quite a while ago but she’s certified. strong 8/9

  • bullcity bandit


  • Mobboss

    I think I gotta new favorite.. Damn…


  • troy

    nice but she get an 8 from me i cant consider a chick a dime unless the face is a 10

  • Southwest

    Y’all kinda late on this one. Her Freddy Krueger shots are legendary. As you can see, her homegrowns blow the “professionals” out the water. I really don’t like to compare women because there are probably a million women walking this earth who we’d call the most beautiful women we’d ever seen at any given moment. All I know is this mofo here is easily one of them. It isn’t one thing you can point out that jumps out. She fine from the first strand of hair to her feet bottoms.

  • Tight post. Here are some more pics of her: http://dynastyseries.com/2010/03/jernie-a-nightmare-on-elm-street/ I’m a Freddy Kruger fan. PEACE!!!

    • presto

      damn…”a wet dream on elm street”…is more like it…lol

  • This chick is tops but I think she is lil older then that…wish she wud stick around long enough to really see what she is working with

  • Nobigurls

    Detroit what up doe! Represented very well! That’s y I luv the crib!!

  • Meyer Plansky

    nice but airbrushed to death

  • slap doot

    the skrippin business started long long long time ago back in Africa…tiddys azzes, u could see they public hairs!!

  • Quai-Quai_19

    She has the same age as mine, probably the year 1991. Wow!! I’ll give her a 10 for sure.

  • zlon

    D-TOWN been puttin out some fire !!

  • ginobli

    yeah that ass and body is crazy

  • Rethickulous yeah that’s a bad chick, cream butter couldn’t be thicker.