Model Dolly Castro looking like a real phocohantas. Nicaraguan Dolly is 26 years old out of Florida standing 5’5 120 pounds with the measurements 34D-23-38. If your love that foreign exotic look then she is the one. Thoughts?

Twitter @dollycastroxoxo

  • TBM

    Not bad at all. She is very sexy!

  • Chi Capitan


  • LouieV

    Chi captain likes men so his opinion doesn’t count. Shorty bad.

    • Yup she hot…..and its also true about @chi cap lmao!!!

      • Chi Capitan

        lol….nah wouldn’t say all that. I just don’t lose my head when I see an “exotic” BP type female

        • onthegrind

          For real where are they manufacturing these women? It is getting ridiculous. That pocahatus pic is something else. I love exoctic women! Who am i kidding, dammit i love all women!



        • tone

          She a bad mutha sucka but yeah @scootyblack she is caked up but you can tell she still a banger without it

  • Sweeps

    Smoking sexy hottie!

  • Iamme

    She’s official, maybe weekend wifey material. These exotic ladies are taking over

  • mzfierce

    beautiful lady

  • prime706

    i give her a 8.9

  • TANGO-|☼|-CHAN

    Yea..C+ at best..on her good days.

  • Bullcity Bandit

    A me say Dolly, me say Dolly my baby A me say Dolly, me say Dolly my lady!

  • PapiChulo

    my my my—-johnie gill voice, baby a dime

  • Mike Lowrey

    *Throws up the perfect 10 score card*.

  • Hulk Diggler Plansky

    she bad!!!

  • Kdilla

    Chi town standards she a dime

    Wild 100’s

  • damnshame

    not feeling those neck wrinkles…passin on this 1

  • realtalkldn

    defo holla!

  • Jimmy89

    Don’t think anything exotic about her but u know how niggas praise anything that ain’t black.

    • unknown


    • Chi Capitan

      exactly. Then they always deny it….(BP Corp)

  • D’mage

    Very nice, to many available to b chasing someone elses 2nd’z…

  • Playboy69

    she cute…SOLID 7.5! I will have THANKSGIVING on her Pocahontas ASS!

  • QuaiQuai_20

    I’ll be her John Smith for all I care. She’s pretty no matter what.

  • BigBlackDude

    Just call me the Black John Smith! Yeah, she is really nice……..

  • TYBO2020


  • hustle man

    dayum i wanna stick my teepee up in that

  • PAC

    Don’t think exotic. But she fine none the less. Just enough T-n-A to solidify She a keeper. 80% of dudes on here would armpiece that if she don’t have a rep, 100% would hulk smash.