Donk Of The Day : Ashley Logan

· July 6, 2011

Looking at her from head to toe that donk is poking out like BOOOW! I know she breeding envy in a lot of females in the club that night cause she was shutting sheeit down. Would you have holla’d at her?

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  1. Sweer says:

    fake ass and a man face = NO

  2. Too_Funny says:

    she looks like the White Lil Kim……see this is y i hate white chocolate

    • Tim says:

      I triple that! What’s up Too!?

      • B strait up says:

        @thewolfpack, whaaaat it’s a lot of frontin goin on I see! I’m about to go on a mike tyson rant! @hahz,yo fam remember a lil while ago you posted that smas or pass post of that big sasquash lookin chick wit the long dumb azz weave lol,and most of these dudes said they would smash! So now dudes is sayn they won’t hit ashley logan but they would hit sasquash……WTF!!!!! They azz is lying lol,they know better coming on here and lying like that lol,if ashley was in front of most and they had the opportunity they would definitely beat that big ole pale fake azz!….*mike tyson voice*…”PRAISE ALAH!” lol. I would smash it too by the way lmao! THE BEAUTYP CORP! Whoever keep lying I’m flying to ur city to whoop you LMAO,wolfpack!

        • presto says:

          …LMAO!!!!!!…”GET’em B”

        • too funny says:

          @Bstrait smashin the sasquash was seen as a challenge not a compliment. I would smash ashley doggy just too see he tail feather shake….but you gotta admit she look like lil kim…..but you can fly to my city I think it’s time teamchocolate and beautyp corp go a couple rounds anyways to settle the score lol

        • Tim says:

          @B, I always said this broad looked like a dude, with the face of a dude. That’s enough for me not to smash, hey to each his own!

      • too funny says:

        aint shyt @Tim…chilin like a villian

  3. joey69 says:

    This chick is ugly with the biggest fake azz.

  4. larry2 says:

    yea she not hot…next…ass looks fake to many shots…

  5. presto says:

    …would def give her the business..realtalk!..not the finest thang and the azz maybe fake…but i gotta keep it 100(its easy to “pass” in the “ans” world.. but i gotta keep it T.R.U.)…lol!!(this is a personal opinion not a business one…!)

  6. Dante Fiero says:

    Her face is average her ass is 100% fake but I will still hit.

    I wont wife it but I will one night it.

  7. Quai-Quai_19 says:

    Her booty is waaaaay too fake!!

  8. Red says:

    No white girls for me……………….I need a chick with Melanin

  9. T-Fleezee says:

    Man she sluggin so I’m definitely going in!

    • Im still the PRINCE!! says:

      Appreciate the recognition!! I’m not a bunny chaser but I’ll chase this one *NOT Desperately!!*

  10. The professor says:

    I’ll pass but not cuz she’s white-i am equal opportunity-or cuz the azz is fake-hey it could be worse she could look like lola monroe-or her face-she’s actually a cute girl fellas,these pix dont do her justice. No the reason i would pass is cuz i heard she gave some dude a flaming case of herpes!!! Dont take my word-google it-you’ll see. Cant be with a chick who got that ill nana. Just goes to show you like bbd said-never trust a big butt and a smile. Real talk.

  11. Parklawnguy says:

    She do look like a white lil Kim but I’m shootin my shot at shawty

  12. SupaFly919 says:


  13. LouieV says:

    Sooooo…. white girls just Sluggin now. Damn what happen to petite chicks with a nice lil booty and pretty face and skin. Why is all these hoes buyin attention.

  14. Warlloyd says:

    These pics don’t do her justice at all. I would definitely smash Ashley, well, that’s if that herpes rumor is not true. Some of these people on here are frontin’ “acking” like they don’t smash sub-standard girls than her.

  15. GDUDE says:

    i im not into fake asses n sh*t but Ashley, is one of the few exceptions,because she can work it
    i dont understand whats so bad about her face it’s nothin too special and nothing bad.

    but these pictures are pretty wack tho i have to admit

  16. Parklawnguy says:

    She do look like a white lil Kim but I’m still shootin my shot at shawty

  17. mr.portcity says:

    Nothing wrong with a lil mouth service plies said they fun cuz they all swallow can’t say all but the ones I’ve had didn’t have any hangups in other words its whatever…she shot up tho…most will wife cuz they never had one it ain’t all that so don’t walk around with this chick like u struck gold

  18. The professor says:

    @tim-yep thats the story i heard. They say she started dating rapper red cafe after that. They were together for a minute and after that she was with a couple of other rappers-hope they wore protection!

  19. slydog says:

    i would at least hit it though, fake but and all. there is a small chance this but isnt fake. that azz is sitting jus right, not too low, not too high and it dont stick straight out to the back, its just big and round.

  20. The Man says:

    In the first pic…anyone notice all the negroes in the background? this is interesting. it leaves one under the impression that in America…if a white woman is attractive w/ a phat ass…

    1. she’s not going to be accepted by her people so….
    2. she’s accepted by blacks and will have black friends
    3. she’s going to end up dating, fvcking or even marrying a black man at some point and time in her life.

    Cause everytime I see a white chick (esp. in urban modeling) with a phat ass…you see her more around blacks than whites.

    • slydog says:

      u are so right… this happens to me alot in public, so try this out… whenever u see a white girl with any kind of extra meat (not fat), be it azz, thighs, or hips, watch how they give you eye contact and hope to get some play… it is so funny. White men love ass and hips, they just like it to be tighter on white women. like the girl in transformers…lmao

  21. t-tyme says:

    P.A.W.G. !!!

  22. oogles says:

    Would I smash: *Bernie Mac voice* Hell yes
    Do I prefer Dark Chocolate: Yes, but open to women of all shapes & colors.

    And to the actual question, would I holla: Normally No, but on this night YES b/c those lace pants are sexy as hell!

  23. mike says:

    Still will hit it!

  24. G 26's says:

    i’d smash

  25. thekid says:

    fake tired of bitches with fake bodies damn, thinking its going to make up for there face

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