Charles Barkley Daughter Looks Just Like Him

· February 11, 2014


Charles Barkley is daughter is a spitting image of Sir Charles down to the smile.

She is wild like him too..



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  1. Cakes(overtime) says:

    at first I was like I don’t see it but the pic of them side by side you can definitely see the likeness

    • Rhondayes says:

      All of the black ballers and entertainers have the same problem. They all have children that don’t resemble them. They gave up that option for integration.

      There was once this contest where fathers and sons could enter to win the closest look a likes. None of those guys would be able to enter. Their children don’t look anything like them.

      Don’t get angry at me or call me racist, when I speak a provable truth. Look at the NBA. It’s almost totally white, because the brothers gave away their power to the plantation owner Donald Sterling.

  2. Playboy69 says:

    LOL! at the Charles Barkley “Turrible” pic

  3. desolation says:

    I wonder does she say ” terrible” like he does as well.

  4. bobevil says:

    pass like stockton to malone.

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