Blasaian model Susie Q in the club

· February 28, 2011

Susie Q in the club homegrown flix. Susie has a rare body to be Blasaian,with that heritage you will usually always be a pretty female with nice hair but your won’t always be thick like a sista is. You can see her past model of the moment pictures HERE. Are you feeling her?

Height: 5′ 1″
Weight: 125 lbs
Measurements: 36-25-38

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Discussion39 Comments

  1. 850boi says:

    She’s tight work. Not bad at all. But I wouldn’t sweat her.

  2. 850Cane says:

    I hope she didn’t have surgery on her ass lol. But it looks real to me. Who knows nowa days.

  3. 45 says:

    She could get it club bathroom just like that last pic,she a 9

  4. plk says:

    i luv Blasaians

    • 850Cane says:

      Yo Plk if she was like “Wesley Snipes” ole girl oh yeah everyone would love’m. I don’t know if he still dated her and I can’t remember her name but she was serious as hell.

  5. MoorFedayeen says:

    For an Asian she sure don’t look like much. She look like a prostitute you get a massage from first.

  6. Jimmy89 says:

    she’s cute but nothing special. ass is not big. spandex and leggins be foolin n1ggas

  7. jfizzle says:

    I’ll agree she cute nothing special. Yo 850, you got 2 names now (Cane, Boi), make sure I shout you out right.

  8. mr.portcity says:

    Ill hit …blasian huh that’s crazy how tiger woods coined that crazy sh*t…

  9. Tim says:

    Something looks odd about this “broad?” Next.

  10. Hollywood says:

    Now thats a bad b#&^h.

  11. MisterMidas says:

    Id smash if I got the chance, but I wouldnt sweat her. I always thought Asian chicks was funny lookin, maybe Im one of the few. I’d still lay pipe though if she wanted her plumbin done.

  12. paper bag i would…………. nevermind

    nah i wouldnt hit this one player/u n1ggas got no self pride some

    n1ggas would hit anything

    pic 3 azz looks deformed

  13. DHaynes says:

    If you chose to rate this chick and you give her ANYTHING above a 6… PUT THE PIPE DOWN! Back away from tha Rock! This chick is average at best, which equals a 5! I may give her a .5 like my man 850, just becuz she is Asian! I hear ya @TIM… Something does look odd about this chick! 1 Love!~ “Tha Pack!”

    • 850Cane says:

      Yeah Dhaynes this chick don’t get nothing higher than a 5 bro. I’ll minus the half that I gave her. After taking a second look this chick looks horrible. She’s not even smashable. Hahz u did us wrong on this one man. Sorry bro after that second look I mean she wasn’t worth posting. Dhaynes I agree with you bro she does look odd.

  14. trap101 says:

    y’all stay there, that’s me all day with my permanent case of yellow fever.

  15. Mr leftfoot says:

    I give her a 5 something ain’t right with her…what up”wolfpack”?

    • 850Cane says:

      What up leftfoot? This post was terrible man lol. I feel bad after all the negative comments that “Caramel Dime” experienced with us. “Caramel Dime” was worth posting in my opinion but this shit right here was dead wrong. I know I can’t post anything and I understand everyone can’t have a dime on their arm but at the sametime some of these women have no business being posted with all these top notch models.

  16. Stezo says:

    me eat a shrimp fry rice off bootee

  17. BigBlackDude says:

    She does look kind of cheap!

  18. gphi says:

    She’s tight…THANKS. PEACE!!!

  19. Moula says:


  20. peter says:

    Omg she is so fake. She is like the nicki minaj of fort walton beach. used to be a plain jane asian. and plus she isn’t black at allllll…went up to atl and got implants done in the ass and her tits.
    so for all of you who like fake…go for it…i like real bitches.
    people in the 850 keep on talking like she is the shit but she’s UGLY in person. yuck get that bitch of here and lets move on to better

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