This is the 09′ Mad Skillz spandex wrap up of night club pics. Over 50+ eye candies to visually stimulate you.

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    post of the year WOOOW@%@%@$@!

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    propz nice collection

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    I'm in heaven!

  • Damn!!!!!!! This site is the best!!

    • 757 Lover boy

      That’s what’s up!!!

  • BlaccLondoner

    number 4 and 7 COUNTING FROM LAST are god's gift to the world..type of chicks that would get a negro done for rape.

  • 757 Lover boy

    man there are a lot of thickums in this post, whoo that is really eye candy right there, visual stimulation at its best admin!!! some fine woman in this post right here!!!

  • Prince of 412

    Out Fucking Standing Post!

  • Master_X

    That Mizz DR chick is something serious

  • nupedingo

    best things to happen in 2009. First black president and the comeback of the spandex tights!

  • balaramesh

    all are nice but 6 is the best one overall.

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    GOD DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SISTAS ARE THE BEST!

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    Favorite post of all time ( for now, i’m pretty sure its gone get better)

  • This is bananas! 5 star post!

  • They're all tight, but pic# 34 is my fav. PEACE!!!

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    excellent post

  • these sistas all got weaves, thanx to chris rock’s good hair
    i wonder if they’ll have a movie call good booty