The current Urban Model Award Winner Ayisha Diaz is with Winny, Rosee and more with BTS Music Video for Busta Rhymes, Kanye West, & Q-Tip “I Wanna Thank You”.


    Winny just stands out above everybody else!! Ayisha Diaz is hot but damn she went heavy on the weave

    • B Strait 3000 (MEGACORP)


      • queso (The Corp)

        @MSDT that contract still on the table kid….what u gonna do?? Lol

    • RED(MGC World)

      Winny is the heir to the throne


  • Moor#BpCoffins

    Winny looking extra-ordinary but they gonna pump that #BP gas regardless.

    • RED(MGC World)


  • K-iller (DaCorpNigga)

    Winny destroyed these chicks! ROY crown is safe!

    • Playboy69

      @K-iller…There still 4 more Month to go….Winny still got to recover from Brittaney Aleis BEATDOWN Tho….LOL!

      • President Ward

        Brittaney Aleis all day!!


      • K-iller (DaCorpNigga)

        Brittany Aleis is not a rookie though, she won’t be in the poll!

        • Playboy69

          @k-iller…PREACH! But Winny got EXPOSED…She went from Winny I’m bader too Winny The Pooh…LMAO!

  • Come on Son

    Ayisha got a ring on her finger though, niggas wifing anything now a days

    • Rasheed Lateef

      :cryfam: i was first though..

  • President Ward

    Ayisha burnin = STD

  • President Ward

    Winny is so overrated.

  • Mister Mister

    Winny is killing it….Ayisha is too full of herself, with her fake assets & fake hair smh. And ya’ll be lusting after these fake broads. Give me all natural with Winny.

    • Playboy69

      @Mister….U Mad Bro?….IT’S TEAM FAIRY TALES STRONG!….LOL!

  • RED(MGC World)

    Winny all day….Yes lawd

  • miller

    ayisha chick is very pretty but she is def feelin herself way to much

    • RED(MGC World)

      Yeah you can tell she conceited as hell