Check out Ayisha Diaz Smoth magazine spread inside to get your day right.I am feeling this spread, it’s not super photoshopped and she looks good. Thoughts?


Scans CC

  • Mister Mister

    Team Fairytales….pass

    I prefer women who have the confidence to rock what they were blessed with from jump.

    • REX

      ^^^THIS NICCAH HERE^^^


      • @Rex, I can respect what @mister is sayn & I agree. But even tho ayisha ain’t 100% natural….I’m gon smash her like she is tho Lol

        • REX


          • Mister Mister

            Mayne, you must be new here. She’s been exposed to being with Team Fairytales

            B Strait. You’re right though, I’d still smash. Did you read the article? Ol girl is talking bout she loves giving head, even while her dude is watching the game, she’s been involved in countless 3 somes, etc.

            She somebody to have fun with for a while, then you move on to the next one.

          • In real life team fairytales doesn’t exist, I never heard a man say out his mouth he passed on something cause her butt wasn’t real.

          • REX

            @mister,Naw I ain’t new bro imma REGULAR…but I didn’t know that about this hoe its hard to keep up with all of their shhh but if that be the case yea she can gimme brains n swallow but that’s about it!!!

          • presto 2.5

            RealTalk @hahz….niccas aint pass’n cause of no fake azz fam

    • Playboy69

      @Mister…. IT’S TEAM FAIRY TALES STRONG!… Don’t Hate just believe in Miracles…LOL!

    • Playboy69

      @Hahz… My WHOLE POINT EXACTLY!… And that why I rep and bleed TEAM FAIRY TALES!…. Do you believe in Miracles???…LMAO

  • President Ward

    I’ll pass.

  • jamar

    nice pics…looks better than some of these other hoes n!ggaz be getting excited about.

  • RunTellDat

    i was surprised at reading how much of a freak this bytch is in the article. She said she like watching other girls f*ck her man. Anyway, everything i read made me come to the conclusion that she the dream girl to have, but not marry. Like i said, girl is a str8 FREAK!!! read the interview.

    • presto 2.5

      yezzir…these niccas trip’n

      “Suck’n you watch’n a game?…wants you to smash her dime friends for her gratification?”

      yeah they trip’n…lol

      • ginoBrown

        Yea them dudes up top is on sum other sh*t, ill smash Ayisha with no hesitation fake donk or not(which I think is total bullsh*t cause it looks very natural 2 me).

        • it’s processed,but like brian not turning it down if you know it looks tempting and it’s clean,of course

    • Queso (The Corp)

      @Run…. the article is definitely better than the pics.. Big time freak

      • trap101 (The Corp North)

        This girl’s freakiness just catapulted her up the rankings to number 2 behind Natalia INoue for me…..damn. Got the kid tingling and shid.

        • presto 2.5

          lmao @101..

      • bighomie53

        I agree i’d definitely make her part of the team…

  • Queso (The Corp)

    Hate Smooth mags pics… Little too much photo manipulation

    • presto 2.5

      me too my G…

      • Realtalkin


  • DonkRida

    She dope

  • blizzy

    she defines sexxxxy hands down.. 10 on the scorecard

  • ginoBrown

    10 piece and a biscuit

  • ayisha could get fed..i see she open minded,i likes that about her,she underrated as well.
    *hahz hears moans and grunts from sheed’ office at ANS headquarters* *sees ayisha leaving my office adjusting her hair* “this nicca never quit man…” hahaha

  • 828heffe

    She bad as fuck, the hell wit what anyone else is sayin. I would buy some rubbers and go in

  • In my young jeezy voice, she deserve a standing ovation for these pics

  • lazarus

    Well, Iguess let me pull out my PIMP card. Bring some of these cats back down to the planet. “Laz calls emergency meeting”

    Laz comes down hallway, damn near knocking @Hahz on his ass, “Fam, board meeting. We got cats fallin off”. Laz flings board room meetin doors open.
    “I don’t know where ya’ll niccas is from, but where I’m from a HOE is a Hoe, now put Ayisha BACk in the bathroom so she can do her job. Ya’ll got clients waitin on the bathroom head nurse getting upset”.WTF LMBAO.

    Some of ya’ll MAYNE. Your Welcome. OHio N da Buildin.

    • trap101(The Corp North)

      Good looking @Laz had me temporarily turned out…***turns back up Xxxplosive****

  • Playboy69

    Ayisha Diaz looks GREAT! … #TEAM FAIRY TALES STRONG!

  • Studio22

    Why everybody on here so damn stupid. These women lie and exagerate in these interviews to get dumb niggaz to follow them on twitter and be in music videos. Ol girl prolly a freak for real but probably lied about 50 percent of everything said.

  • Prime706

    Smashing everyday of the week age a 10 in my book.

  • Ashk

    y’all niggas mad stupid don’t you think if her ass was fake it would be bigger !!’ fuck out of here she’s 100% natural and a real sweet heart classy lady ! like he said 90% of that article it’s just for show ! please don’t be dumb !