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The Use of X-Ray Skin in CS: GO

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CS: GO is one of those video games that can’t leave without surprises. Most of them come with weapon cases. So, it’s nice to be able to check the content in advance. This is where X-Ray becomes of great value. And this is where your online adventure will turn into great fun. Find more at csbet.gg/en/xray 

The Concept of X-Ray

The X-Ray skin is there to let you see the content of every weapon case before the actual payment. If you don’t like the content, you just leave it. Thus, it saves you from unpleasant surprises and minimizes inconveniences.

The X-Ray skin is currently available for French users. In the future prospects, Valve developers consider offering this option in other countries as well.

The Use of X-Ray

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Due to an attempt to reduce the loot box controversy in France, Valve has brought the X-ray Scanner to the market. This instrument can be obtained from the CS: GO main menu. When a player opens the case, he/she receives the X-Ray scanner for weapon cases. The X-Ray lets every player check rarity and type of custom weapon skin while opening a weapon case.

The X-Ray’s concept is based on the players’ ability to check what’s inside of a loot case before opening it. And this is where the major trick hides. Once you see the case inside of the scanner, you can’t “claim” the item. Opening the case via the scanner needs to be done every time you place a bet. Thus, it is hardly possible to scan another Container without claiming the revealed bonus.

This new tool can be obtained through the purchase. It usually comes as an X-Ray Package in the CS: GO main menu. Once players open the case, they receive the P250 X-Ray which functions as an X-Ray scanner for weapon cases. Of course, they are hoping for more extensive capabilities, but that’s what they can have now.

What’s the concept standing behind theP250 X-Ray? This tool allows players to preview what rarity and type of custom weapon skin before the actual purchase. The so-called preview can be a valuable contribution to the smooth gaming routine as it reduces the risks of finding unusual staff in the loot box.

The Limits of the X-Ray

The story with the X-Ray started when CS:GO players in France could no longer buy skin containers on the open market. Alternatively, they were offered to use the X-Ray scanner’s loot-revealing features. They can now benefit from this sort of system to open valuable crates and sell them. French players were the first ones who could benefit from Valve’s innovation. If you are not a resident of France, you won’t be able to benefit from the new tool. Of course, you can always change your IP address if you are ready to go for illegal actions. The risks of being blocked will be there.

The restrictions seem to remain in European countries for a while due to complicated gambling legislation. But Valve representatives are working on this problem.

X-Ray in CS: GO

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CS: GO has gained immense popularity thanks to the innovative approach to video gaming. Now that most tournaments are shifted to the online format, CS: GO enthusiasts can participate in them remotely. Also, they can buy skins and other products online. When it comes to the X-Ray scanner, it can easily enlighten one container at a time. If you try to scan all of them at once, you will see an error window popping up on the screen.

The X-Ray scanner is offered on multiple CS: GO resources. Not all of them are reliable. Oftentimes, there are scammers and hackers sitting behind the screen who are dreaming about stealing your money. This is why you should choose the CS: GO website carefully.

If you see that some sites are selling the X-Ray scanner in Italy, Germany, or any other country, you should know that they are scammers. You can’t buy this tool anywhere apart from France. So, you just need to wait until it is officially offered on your local market. This is a kind of information you will see among CS: GO updates straight away. Meanwhile, you should be patient without looking for some doubtful assistance.

Are there any new skins in the X-Ray scanner?

There are ultimate skins that belong to the new X-Ray collection. The major one is known as the P250. It will be the first skin you see after joining the X-Ray scanner program. Being untradeable, it can’t be sold from one player to another.

Fortunately, French players are allowed to purchase cases from the community market. It means that moving forward in terms of free cases allows players to level up and complete major mission. As you can see, this mechanism has many areas for improvement. The Valve developers are doing their best to cross the bridges when it comes to the purchase and usability of the X-Ray scanner.


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CS: GO doesn’t always give you what you want, so you have to find alternatives ways. Thanks to the X-ray scanner, you won’t be disappointed with the upcoming cases. Instead of getting into an unknown field, you can make your way to success clear. After all, there is nothing difficult about it. Even if you decide to use X-Ray, you don’t have to worry about safety matters. The main point here is to be careful with every step you take after the use of X-Ray. The box’s content can be super good or incredibly bad. But this is exactly where the trick is hidden. Without knowing what’s inside, you can’t be sure about the value of your purchase. Let’s be honest, it makes the whole CS: GO routine such great fun.

Due to anti-gambling legislation in many countries, the use of X-Ray skin always remains under the risk of cancellation. The developers of Valve are monitoring this situation. Betters can only hope that the loot box controversy won’t become a real issue!