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Would You Wife Mesha Seville?

Mesha Seville is a Jersey Girl, Black and Puerto Rican mix. Shes’ known for her thick thighs that won’t stop. Mesha has been featured in numerous magazines and websites. Her ultimate goal is become an house hold name. She’s very determine to take it to the next the level. Mesha is just now venturing over to catalogue modeling and television. She is very genuine and down to earth person, who loves people who support her and people who don’t. Mesha isn’t just a pretty face is graduating this year with her degree and Human resource management. To see more of her check out her www.meshaseville.com and www.twitter.com/meshaseville

1. So Jersey girl is Mesha Seville your real name?

It is my real name, it’s my first and middle name

2.So your Puerto Rican and Black do you speak Spanish

Yes I do but I understand it more.

3. How are old are you Mesha?
I am 30 years old I am very proud of my age everyone think Iam 23-25 nope I am not but I dont mind look young

4.How long you been modeling and how did you get started?

I been modeling off and on since 07, I got started by getting some professional pictures done for myself and someone from Smooth magazine seen them back in 07 on myspace. Shortly after I was featured in the magazine and rest is history

5. Do you have a man?

No I am single

6. Are you looking for a Man?

I would defiantly be in a relationship if someone could trust me and respect the person I am, which is not lazy I am out making moves not cheating. Then I am defiantly with it.

7. In no way is this a disrespect, but in the industry today enhancements are becoming common, so I must ask this… Have you had any enhancements done on your body?

Just my bo**** and I did that after having a child because it was needed but everything else is real on me.

8.Breast implants have been excepted in society years ago, but what do you think about bu** injections/enhancements? Would you consider it cheating?

Of course it’s cheating, I think it’s bad when people get a addicted that be the crazy part.

9. Have you ever been an exotic dancer/stripper?
Yes, to put myself through school. I also feel that se*y and smart is a good combination. You have lessons everyday in life and its your duty to comprehend that lesson and use it to better your life.

10.What are your measurements?
I’m 5’7 36D-26-45. My waist is a 27 when I am not bloated which have been for most of my shoots smh

11.What kind work have you done in the industry
I been feature in over 13 different mgazines with 5 covers since 07, like Smooth, Blackmen, Show, Assets,Don Diva, Straight Stutin, Hip Hop Weekly, Source,Heat on the Streets,50fifty,Urban Ink, Covergirls, and Hustlenomics I am just now starting to do more videos. I am actually up for Web Model of the year.

12.What’s up next for you?
I am moving on to Catalogue Modeling you know modeling with clothes on lol, I love Urban modeling and will continue to do it but just to try something different. I do allot of things I have many talents go and bad lol nah but i have many degree and certification because I believe in applying your self. Modeling is one of my many jobs. I don’t want to be know as Mesha Seville the women with the nice assets. There’s more to me then how I look. I have a brain and I am going to use it to set goals and aim hirer.

How can you be reach for bookings
[email protected]

Any last words for the viewers and your fans?

Yes I want to thanks everyone that supports me with out you this wouldn’t make sense and of course having the Lord by my side. Thank you for checking me out and getting to know me a little bit more about me. I would like to thank Atlnightspots.com for this opportunity to be on this site and for their love and support. i just want to tell everyone to dream big never settle, dreams do come true. If you want the economy to change I know it seems like you don’t got time make time people so important. I love you guys thanks again. Please check out my free site www.meshaseville.com store section is under construction and check out twitter www.twitter.com/meshaseville for updates. God bless

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