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Why Use Lubricants in Sex?

The use of external aids is somewhat resisted in society. However, many omitted the helpfulness of external aids to the process of sex and the overall enjoyment of sex. Lubricants are one of those simple yet highly effective aids. Brought to you by sexydevil.com.au, here’s why lubricants are used in sex.

The savior to sex

Sex toys are the most obvious reason why people visit the adult shop, or check for some on NaughtyStash.com. Yet, there are others who prefer some other things.Rather than enhancing the pleasure in sex, customers also visit with the intention to mend their sex life.

While many would find it hard to accept, having problems with sex is not unusual at all. No one is perfect. And we should not expect perfection when it comes to sex as well.

Various external factors, especially in the modern world, have certain impacts on sex performance as well. Stress, notably, is one of the most common culprits we’ve heard. Other sometimes associated factors, including the lack of rest, imbalanced nutrition, and genetic issues due to radiation, also influence the process of sex.

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The factors above result in different problems in relation to sex. One of them is the lack of lubrication from the female organ. Clinically named as Vaginal Dryness, around 17% of women between 18 and 50 experience such a problem. And it is not incurable.

While the medicinal process is taking place, lubricants present as the temporary savior to sex life. Applying lubricants before intercourse, the sexual experience will not be influenced by the lack of lubrication anymore.

How to choose the right lubricant?

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There are different lubricants designed for different use cases. For sexual intercourse, there are water, oil and silicone-based lubricants. Water-based lubricants are more recommended for using condoms as the other two will break down the rubber. Water lubes are easier to clean and wash off as well.

The oil and silicon-variants are better for a shower and anal with its better duration. However, as it might break down condoms, it’s best to communicate with your partner before use.

The lack of lubricant might also be due to insufficient arousal. Some lubricants come with unique features like cooling sensation or scent to enhance the feeling of intercourse for better arousal.

As of any other sex aids and toys, we highly recommend communication with your partner before use to avoid any misconception about sex. The need to use lubricant is nothing to be ashamed of, but one that your partner should compassion for.

Is lubricant bad for sex?

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Many have a misconception on lubricant, fearing on the reliance of it once being used. From the feedback of our readers, we did not hear such issues. In fact, as influential factors like stress being removed, they enjoyed the process of not using lubricant more for the truly intimate feeling.

With vaginal dryness mostly impacting women after the menopause, lubricants help with the sex life of couples in mid-life. The benefits of lubricants to sex are not better represented than by the smile on their faces when they come back to buy another one.