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Why Do People Prefer Wool Dryer Balls for Their Laundry

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Woolen dryer balls are used in dryer machines to speed up the process of drying clothes. Wool dryer balls are made up of 100% wool yarn and they look somewhat like the tennis balls. They are very durable and are less prone to unraveling.

According to theoildiffusery.com, there has been a rise in the sale of woolen dryer balls in recent times because of the myriad benefits that they offer.

What are some of the specific benefits of the dryer balls?

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  • Dryer balls were made to prevent laundry from clumping together inside the dryer. These help in efficient air circulation by promoting better air circulation such that the fabrics dry up faster.
  • It saves both your electricity and time. Also, the agitation of the dryer balls against the fabrics works as fabric softeners. You can clean hundreds of laundry items with the help of these wool dryer balls. It is just a one-time purchase that will last for years on end.
  • People choose dryer balls because they are an excellent option to reduce static that develops while the dryer machine runs. Besides, these dryer balls help retain the softness of fabrics.
  • Apart from this, the balls are biodegradable and come in really fun designs.
  • These are quite affordable too.

How do woolen dryer balls work?

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When you place wool dryer balls in the dryer to separate the fabric in your laundry, it allows an efficient circulation of the warm air. This, in turn, reduces the total time taken by the fabrics to dry up inside the dryer from the very start of the cycle. With the cycle times reducing, your dryer machine goes low on energy consumption.

From long-sleeved shirts to a pair of jeans, wool dryer balls work perfectly for all of them. They rub against the fabrics and make them much softer on coming out of the dryer.

How to use dryer balls?

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Using dryer balls is very easy. There is some basic maintenance that you should keep in mind. Some woolen dryer balls need to get recharged and for that, you should place them in a garment, throw them in the wash, and then pull the balls out of the garment. Do not keep them in the dryer in between the loads. They can get caught in the clothes and get lost in between the loads. Also, if you need to get some good fragrance in your fabric, then as mentioned earlier, consider using essential oils.

The dryers need space to bounce and play with the fabrics. So when you are putting in the dryer balls along with the clothes, make sure that the area is not clamped. It has been noticed that two-medium sized loads work efficiently and faster compared to one really big load in the dryer.

Common problems faced with dryer balls and how to overcome them

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Here is a list of problems that you might face while using the dryer balls. We have also listed the solutions of the same for your convenience.

1. Fragrance – Some people complain that they miss a beautiful fragrance factor in the woolen dryer balls.

Solution – You can add a few drops of essential oils to the balls. You should give some time to the balls so that they can soak in the oil and the fragrance. Once you use this, you will be amazed to see how effectively this tip works.

2. White lint transfer – White lint can be noticed on colorful clothes when one uses the dryer ball. This occurs even when there is no white cloth in the dryer load.

Solution- You can keep two sets of dryer balls, one for the white fabric and the other one for colorful fabric. This will ensure that there will be no lint transfer and you will not get white lint on your dark-colored clothes anymore.

3. Static cling – One of the most common complaints by users is that even though the dryer sheet eliminates the static cling but the wool dryer balls do not do that. It mainly occurs due to over-drying clothes. Over-drying not only wastes your time and electricity but it also wears off your clothes prematurely. Another reason for static is synthetic materials. You should try and keep the synthetic materials away from the rest of the laundry.

Solution – We understand that standing and watching your clothes getting over-dried can be really frosting. Instead, you can do this simple trick. Spray some water on your woolen dryer balls making them really wet. This means that the laundry will dry faster than the woolen balls and hence no harm will be caused to it.

Are dryer balls safe for sensitive skin?

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More and more people are now relying on natural products these days due to their health concerns. But it is to be noted that natural products always do not equal to skin safety. Your skin can be allergic to some natural components even. So it is important to find out the things that you are actually buying. The woolen dryer balls are claimed to be safe for both babies and people with sensitive skin. For added safety, if you have really sensitive skin then you can go for the dryer balls that come with 100% wool.

Are dryer balls safe for the environment?

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Dryer balls are an eco-friendly alternative to the dryer sheets which are made up of chemicals. The later causes damage to the environment and causes air pollution that leads to breathing issues. Dryer balls, on the other hand, are chemical-free and reusable. The wool used here is biodegradable.

How many dryer balls should you use in a load and how long do they last?

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According to experts, for small and medium loads you should use three woolen dryer balls. However, for big loads, five to six dryer balls should be enough. The dryer balls are quite durable and can sustain for at least 1000 loads. You can replace your dryer balls once they start to unravel.