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What Triggers A Jackpot On A Slot Machine – 2024 Guide

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The most important thing in gambling is to learn the rules and details about the games you prefer.  When it comes to pokies, it is common that many of them provides a very interesting feature where you can win a lot of money. That feature is called jackpot. It is not a rare case that this prize can be worth millions of dollars, and the great thing is that there are no special requirements. It is completely random, and you can win it even while playing at lowest coin size.

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Moreover, the fact is that most of these great prizes are random, but there are some features that could affect the possibility of winnings. Also, there are progressive games where the chance can be increased over time. In this article, we are going to analyze more about jackpots and is there a possibility to increase the chance to win it.

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There are Different Types

The first thing that you should know about this feature is that there are several options available. For example, the gambling platform might offer a random feature that is linked to all available games, and without any additional requirements. On the other hand, there are games with special features where you can win different levels, like minor, mini, major, and big one.

In most cases, these in-game features are combined with some requirements, like collecting a particular number of certain symbols. It also depends on the developer. For example, if you prefer playing EGT games, there is a combined jackpot feature linked to all games, and each player has a chance to win some random prize.

Return Rate is Important

The key feature to check before you start playing is related to probability of winning. Therefore, you need to find a game with higher return rate and volatility. When it comes to return rate, you should focus on games where it is over 90%. That means that you have a 90% chance to at least get back the invested sum in each turn.

There are different levels of volatility, such as low, high, and medium. When you are playing a game with lower volatility, prizes are much higher, especially for special features, but you cannot expect to get them more often. That makes this option perfect for those who don’t want to play with higher coin size and still have a chance to win more money.

On the other side, higher volatility is perfect for players who want to invest more. You will hit a lot of special features, and even though prizes will not be so high when compared to your investment in one turn, this can significantly increase the bankroll over time.

The same is with special jackpots linked only to the game. However, if there are random prizes available, these features will not affect them, and there is no way to predict or increase your probability of winning one.

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What About Progressive Jackpots?

The situation with type of games is quite different. Each time you play a turn, a small amount from that will go into the prize pool. Therefore, the more you play, the higher the potential prize will become. The main difference is that this type of award is more common and frequent. However, there are often some specific requirements to win this special prize.

There are many games where you can win it only when you are playing at maximum coin size. Still, winning is not guaranteed, and this can be a good option only if you have a higher budget.

Common Misconceptions

We can hear that a lot of people say that they could notice some changes in how a game is reacting before it starts giving various prizes. This is far from being true since all games are completely random and unpredictable, and the same is with jackpots.

Another misconception is that those big prizes promoted on the main pages of popular websites are only a strategy to attract even more players. These rewards are real, but the chance to any of them is quite low, especially when it comes to biggest prizes.

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Best Way to Win

The strategy should be the same as when you are playing some standard game, which means that you must focus on your bankroll and pay attention to play the game in a game where you can keep your money for a longer time. The more you play, the chance to win a jackpot will increase as well.

There is no way to affect the game or make any action to improve your chance, but when you have a good approach and some luck, you will be able to play for a very long time without the need to make another payment, and that is the best way to improve your chance to win this amazing prize.

The Bottom Line

Winning this type of award should never be in your focus when you are playing these games because the chance for that is very low. That is especially the case with the highest awards that are millions of dollars. On the other hand, there are in-game features and special prizes that you can win more often, and you should check the rules and special requirements so you can expect to win them more often.

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Creating a good plan is the best way to play these games. The key is to choose an approach where you won’t need to make a lot of payments all the time since that will only lead to financial issues. When you are able to play for a longer time, you might also have luck to hit some of these huge prizes.