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What Makes A Great Casino Game?

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So grand is the scale of gaming online now that for new players, it is either an embarrassment of riches or an overwhelming opportunity. So, where does one begin in deciding what games they should be playing when venturing inside of the greatest casinos online?

Well, we’re going to provide some insight into what casino games really are because they go beyond just being tools for fun and enjoyment. What makes a game great? Well, in the field of casino games, the notion would be the best ones are the ones that make you rich. Sure, the experience of playing must also be fun, but that’s a very small fraction of interest, given that if a game was exceptionally dull, yet paid out millions, players would gladly suffer the boredom to collect the potential cash rewards. We break down some facts to help you understand and recognise the quality within the gaming and within it, so you can leave our review with a better opportunity of winning casino games more frequently online.

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Why is online gaming better?

First, why are playing games online better for you? Well, it’s not about the quality of the games per se. The odds of winning online are the same as those when playing offline in some land-based casinos. In fact, online slots and slot terminals are built the same way.

The differences are purely convenience and options.

With how the world is these days, time in getting out to do what you enjoy is rare, and the chances of going to a casino now, if you have never done so before, are low, which pretty much means you’re most likely to play online instead.

Laziness is no bad thing, and neither is choice. Inside a typical casino on the high street, you may have 100-odd slots, a few tables of blackjack and poker, and perhaps a craps and roulette table. Okay, let’s double, triple the numbers to make sure we are not being overly cynical, it still comes nowhere near to what is offered by online casinos where the game count goes into the thousands.

This is an opportunity on an incredible scale, and it can be experienced anywhere you want via your mobile and at any time. If you can connect to the Internet or receive a Wi-Fi signal, you can play.

Add to all this that of the service of casinos found online, and you are presented with a more gratifying and personal experience, where you can claim and be rewarded with bonuses. Where you can mix casino gaming with sports betting.

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Who profits from online services?

It’s an odd heading because instinct is to say,well the casinos of course, but we ask this question knowing that it’s not just one-way when it comes to the funding of the entire online experience. If you’re going to make a sustainable business, there have to be winners, and given the size of the online market, there has to be lots of winners.

To explain more on the subject of profiting through casinos, we spoke with Editor-in-Chief,Carita Gustafsson at Svenskaonlinecasino which is a Swedish comparison site for the top casinos online and distributor of exclusive bonus content in Sweden. You can check this site here.

“Casino online are actually fair than older land-based casinos and it’s the stigma of the old ways of playing that has been carried through into the online world. What many don’t realise is that the online casino market is so highly regulated that games have to be fair for all. This takes us to the RTP which is a gaming algorithm that most slots have. This tells you what you will win back if you play long enough, and we try to inform our Swedish players of this, that they will profit if they don’t give up.”

The RTP is the Return to Player algorithm and is found in about 90% of all online slots. This is a program of the game approved by both regulators and independent game testing labs, so what’s going on?

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How your casino games are built

The RTP is a percentage-based algorithm. 95% is about average for online slots. What this RTP tells us is that the slot will payout 95% of all the money put into it from all the players around the world using it. The remaining 5% goes to the casino/developer as profit.

This is a pretty fair sum, but this tells us something far greater. These games are coded to payback 95% of your money. Now, there is no definitive timeline to this, you might not make a return for a week but it’s encoded within the game to happen. This is why gamblers stick around because the payouts happen, whether they have cracked this rule or not, the online games will see you win as long as you keep playing.

The game of Mega Moolah™holds an RTP score of 88% which is one of the worst but comes with the highest jackpot prize of all time. So, is this really the right game choice now the understanding of return is only at 88 percent?

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Make the right gaming choice

Picking the right games to play goes beyond the slot machines. There are dozens of other things to play inside an online casino. Poker, blackjack, roulette and there is also sports betting. So, which options are the right options?

Well, the house edge is something that all players should be considering when picking what to play online. The house edge is the casino’s advantage over the player before the game has started, essentially the odds of winning.

Not many new players will know of the house edge because the concept of ‘luck’ has been pushed so much but it’s not an exact science given that there are some card and table games built with RNG algorithms, different from RTP.

RNG or Random Number Generator creates chance and randomness, but this is still programable software at play.

The game with the best house edge is blackjack, the advantage of the casino is only 1.48%. This makes it as close to 50/50 as any game within the casino gets. By rights, this should be the only game every player plays. Especially considering games like Keno carry an edge that runs between 20% and 40%.

In the online realm, these are the realities and by knowing about how games are purposely built, you will have, at least, a better understanding of how they should be picked and played.

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Games roundup

The best games may not be the ones you have an interest in, but if the reward of winning money is the end goal, then many players may have to revise what they put their money into. This is investment play, this is what gambling is all about and whether you opt for an online casino or play in a land-based establishment, there are games that will allow you to achieve greater success than others because it’s within their nature and fabric of development.

Slots come with volatility levels; high, medium, and low. These levels determine the gaming performances and not the payout odds that is controlled by the RTP. High volatility gives out infrequent wins, yet those wins will be more profitable. Low levels mean more wins but low profits, meaning you will most likely win less than what you put in. Medium is more beneficial to play as it’s a mix of the two, so you break even.

This information, again, is mostly unknown to players and yet it is hugely significant.

So, think about these factors when playing online and seek fairness and potential within the games before you put your money in.

There are plenty of free demo games out there online that help you to learn more about the elements of fair gaming. Use official demo features found inside the platform of Svenskaonlinecasino to help you learn of the different developers like NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, and Play’n Go. Learn to recognise volatility settings and how games perform. Also, give consideration to live gaming features rather than playing with programmed RNG games. Live casino games offer you real-time action on real casino tables. No forged program of luck, just the game as it is, you against the live dealer.