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What Does -2 Mean in Betting? Things You Must Know About Sports Betting

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If you are into gambling, you must also be interested in sports betting. To be able to win, firstly you need to know how to read the odds and how they work. Then you can figure out how to win by learning about these odds. So what does -2 mean in betting? Let’s find out with Fun88 in this article. You may also visit the Happythais website and use that information to create an account and join online gambling services.

Why do you need to learn about betting odds?

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A lot of people who gamble rely on calculators to help them with the numbers. However, it’s usually more effective if you know how lines work and how you can read them. By having those skills, you will become an advanced sports bettor who can win easily.Sports betting is fun and entertaining.

Not to mention, this knowledge gives you an opportunity to beat the sportsbooks. If you are new to this field, read this article because we will walk you through the most important factors about sports betting. Meanwhile, it also helps you answer the question: What does -2 mean in betting?

What do + and – mean in sports betting?

First of all, you need to learn about the plus (+) and minus (-) symbols. So what do they refer to? In sports betting, they mean the point spread or betting odds. If it refers to the spread, the symbol ” – ” goes with the favorite and the symbol ” + ” goes with the underdog. For example, you can bet one team (team A) as a -2 point favorite to beat the other team (team B) as a +2 point underdog. If you bet team A -2 and they win by more than two points, you win the bet. Likewise, if you bet team B +2, and they lose by less than two points or win outright, you also win the bet.

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So what does this tell you? What does -2 mean in betting? It indicates a -2 point favorite.

When it comes to the betting odds, it’s the same. However, you don’t always see a “-” as favorites because the final results in some sports such as soccer, baseball, or hockey are often decided by a goal or a run. As for soccer, matches can even end in draws. In general, the favorite comes with a ” – ” in front of its money line odds, and the underdog comes with a “+ .”You can bet on the underdog or the favorite.

Let’s take a look at an example of soccer, Liverpool could be a +150 favorite against Chelsea as a +190 underdog, and the draw would be set at +250. In this case, you would get a decent payout for any situation. As you can see, both Liverpool and Chelsea have a ” + ” in front of their odds, and Liverpool, the team with the lower number, is the favorite. This also means you would get a lower payout, which is normal when you bet on the favorite on the money line. With that said, if you bet on Chelsea +190 with $100, you would net $290. Meanwhile, if you bet $100 on Liverpool +150, you would net $250. The highest amount you would net is $350, and that’s when you bet on the draw.

What do betting odds do?

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For those who are new to betting or gambling, this is the essential information that’s useful for you. The reason why you should learn about and understand betting odds is that they help you achieve more. For instance, the betting odds let you know which team or player is more likely to win. Secondly, you will know the number of sportsbooks that think a favorite would win as well as what you stand to win betting on this outcome or the other one.

In short, understanding the odds allows you to make an informed decision. However, do not rely on it too much because these odds are just the opinion of the sportsbook. They calculate probabilities using complex algorithms in the background.

How many formats of betting odds are in the betting market?

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You can easily find three main formats of betting odds. The most popular one is probably American. Then you have Decimal and Fractional. As a newcomer, you might think that they are just the same or they appeal to you equally. But if you are more experienced, you might prefer one format and stick to it.

No matter where you gamble in this world, you can use one of the three formats at any sportsbook. You are allowed to and will be supported to adjust the odds in whatever format that you feel most intuitive to bet in.You need to consider the fee you pay for the sportsbooks.

Of course, the bets have implied probabilities, but they are added a small amount like the cut by the sportsbook. And that’s how they do the business. You have to pay the fee on each bet so the sportsbooks can make money. Therefore, it’s wise to consider that amount during your calculation of what your potential profit is.

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As we already mentioned, the American odds are easy to recognize as they are expressed as three-digit numbers with a plus (+) or minus (-). This refers to how much you have to bet to win $100, no matter if you are betting on the favorite or you are betting on the underdog.

Because the American odds come with three-digit numbers, they have nothing to do with the question (what does -2 mean in betting?) that you are having. However, it’s useful to understand these odds. And it’s actually easy and simple to understand.

When you see the (+) next to a team, that team is the underdog. So if you are betting on team A to win (+111) against team B (-222), you think the underdog is going to win. But if your $100 bet is on team B (-222), you think team B is more likely to win. If they don’t, you lose $222.

Hopefully, you have found the answer to your question: What does -2 mean in betting? That information about betting odds is also helpful for you to increase your chance of winning the bet. Make sure to read carefully and be wise.