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Weekend Wifey: Katrina Jo

Miss Katrina Jo, dancer, choreographer, model, CEO and business owner…she does it all!

Keturah: For those that don’t know…what’s the government?

Katrina: Katrina Jo Balbuena

Keturah: I know you have been dancing for a while now, when did you officially start?

Katrina: I started dancing when I was 3 years old. My mom said I wouldn’t stop dancing around the house, so she decided to put me in to dance classes.

Keturah: Did you attend any schools for training and if so, where did you go?

Katrina: Yes, I trained in Northern California at Yoko’s Dance and Performing Arts Academy, took classes at Julliard in New York, and I now take some classes at the Millennium and The Edge in Los Angeles.

Keturah: Wow, that’s definitely a lot of schools you have attended, have you always known that you wanted to become a dancer?

Katrina: Yes, I think that at a young age I realized I was passionate about being a performer.

Keturah: So, lets talk about recently, how did you become a San Diego Chargers cheerleader?

Katrina: I actually just went to the Charger Girl audition for fun with some of my friends in 2006 and I ended up making the team. From then on, it was 3 amazing seasons with the Chargers. Go Bolts!

Keturah: What made you decide to leave and become a Clippers girl?

Katrina: I always wanted to live in LA and I always wanted to dance for the NBA. And since I did 3 years with the NFL, I felt that the Clippers Spirit dance style fit me best. I ended up going to their open dance audition and made the team. It truly was a blessing.

Keturah:. Awesome…so I have to ask, what about the Lakers? Any plans to move to this team? Or how about moving out of Los Angeles?

Katrina: I enjoy being a Clippers Spirit J although; I wouldn’t be opposed to moving out of state and trying something new in the future.

Keturah: Definitely good to be open for new opportunities, as you never know what the outcome may be! So, I’ve seen some of your choreography. It’s pretty dope! Is that what you would ultimately like to do?

Katrina: Thank you! I like performing so I think as long as I am in the entertainment business I would like to continue to do both – dancing and choreographing.

Keturah: Who else have you choreographed for?

Katrina: UCLA Dance Team, San Diego Charger Girls, PlayByPlay Models, Taft High School, “Dance High” pilot, and Yoko’s Dance and Performing Arts.

Keturah: And I hear you are a model too? How did you get into that?

Katrina: Yes, I have also been modeling since I was 3. I started in Northern California where I was signed with a modeling agency at that time.

Keturah: Such a busy woman…making moves! I like that! Additionally, I know you are affiliated with LA’s Finest. How did all of that go down? What is your role with them?

Katrina: I’m good friends with the guys of LA’s Finest and they were looking to expand their company while I was looking into starting my own promo modeling/dancer company. Long story short, we decided to collaborate and I started my own company under LA’s Finest. I am the CEO of Glam Girls which is a company that offers promo models/dancers and photo packages.

Keturah: What else is on the horizon with LA’s Finest?

Katrina: LA’s Finest has some of the hottest events in Los Angeles. On Monday’s at ECCO, Thursday’s at Industry, and Saturday’s at Empire. There is definitely more to come. Be on the look out for their upcoming artist HOPE, and new summer events with the Glam Girls.

Keturah: What else is on the horizons for 2010 for Miss Katrina?

Katrina: For 2010.. The possibilities are endless, although I’m VERY excited for my birthday that’s coming up!! I’ll also be filming a TV show in the next couple weeks so look out for that. And of course, I’ll still be dancing, modeling, and choreographing, and I am going to focus on expanding my new company!

Keturah: I know the fellas are going to want to know…Single or Taken?

Katrina: Taken

Keturah: How can people get a hold of you (give us your links)?

Katrina: For bookings email: [email protected]

For promo models/dancers or photo packages email: [email protected]

Some of my links are:




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