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Weekend Wifey Cynthia Hike (Pics + Video)

Chi town stand up.. This weekends Black & Cambodian wifey goes by the name of Cynthia Hike representing the Chi. Check out her Shay Moss interview below.

Q: What’s your zodiac sign?
A: Lucky Libra

Q: What’s your relationship status
A: Single

Q: Who is your favorite photographer?
A: {Laughs} They going to kill me…I can’t name one!! I love them all and they each bring their own little spice.

Q: If you could change one thing about the modeling industry what would it be?
A: The lack of pay us models get. Every industry needs us, we make everything look good from the videos to the magazines yet we don’t get paid like we should.

Q: What’s one thing you can’t go through the day without other than your phone?
A: Twitter

Q: What do you consider to be your best physical attribute?
A: my eyes (she’s mixed with Cambodian)

Q: Any hidden talents
A: Many people don’t know but I can really cook, and dance.

Q: Top 3 things you look for in a man (in order of importance)
A: independence, personality and appearance

Q: If you could have a supernatural power…What would it be?
A: I would want to be invisible to see who’s real and who’s phony.

Q: What’s next after modeling?
A: Finish school and go further with my education in Science.

Q: What are your bedroom turn-ons?
A: A whole lot of talking, I just love to be talked to {laughs}

Q: Who do you consider to be the hottest male musician right now?
A: {licks her lips} Mmmmmmm… that man Trey Songz

Q: One person that makes your mouth water, when you hear his/her name?
A: Actor Idris Elba

Q: Do you have any obsessions or addictions?
A: Yes.. I am addicted to se* and obsessed with Betty Boo

What is one thing you’re good at??
A: ummmmm..As far as what?? {laughs}

Q: Giver or receiver?
A: {laughs} Giver,Giver,Giver…I love giving..{laughs}

Q: If you could spend one day with a celebrity who would it be?
A: Rhianna, oh I love her she is so funky. A real rockstar

Q: Last movie you seen?
A: Kick ass

Q: What projects are you currently working on?
A: I am currently working on my website so be looking out for that this summer!! The wait is over .. {laughs}

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