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5 Benefits of Wearing the Perfect Running Jacket

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Running jackets are an important part of any runner’s gea because with the right jacket, a runner is protected in any kind of environment and climate. There are many kinds of running jackets available on the market today and they all come with a variety of benefits. In this article, we will focus on the different types of Nike running jackets and the benefits that they offer.

This article will help you explore the different types of Nike running jackets, arming you with the knowledge to purchase the perfect running jacket for you!

1. Protect yourself from the elements

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The waterproof or water-resistant running jacket

There is actually quite a big difference between waterproof and water-resistant jackets. The waterproof running jackets are made for extreme weather conditions, designed to keep water out. These kinds of jackets are usually made with quality and high-end fabric blends and are designed to completely shed water. These kinds of jackets are ideal for trail runners or long distance runners who will be navigating rainy, cold climates.

Water-resistant jackets are also referred to as water-repellent running jackets. These jackets are designed to deflect water, rather than to shed water. These kinds of jackets offer greater protection than a simple windbreaker and thanks to a water repellent layer that is designed to keep moisture out for around 30–45 minutes, they are perfect for short distance runners in wet weather. Nike running jackets are designed with the elements in mind – and you are sure to find the right one for you and your run!

2. Cool down in comfort

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Breathable running jackets

Of course, everyone needs to be protected by the elements – but there also needs to be room to breathe! Too much protection from the elements can make you feel suffocated and heat up your body too much. The perfect running jacket won’t just protect you from the elements – it will ensure you don’t overheat while on your run. The perfect jacket should also be made with breathable materials. Most running jackets come with a moisture vapor transmission rate, this is a measurement used to test the jackets breathability. The higher the measurement, the better the breathability. Make sure to check out the MVTR of your running jacket to ensure comfort on the trail or road!

3. Feel light and free

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Lightweight running jackets

Just as much as you need to be protected from the elements and avoid overheating – your running jacket should feel light and freeing against your body. Too much material could negatively impact your performance which can lead to injury. The best kind of running jacket should feel light against your body and offer a sense of movement to help you reach optimal performance even in difficult weather. Lightweight running jackets also make for easier travel and storage. Nike is leading the way in lightweight running jackets and you have a variety of styles and colours to choose from.

4. See and be seen

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Reflective fabric running jackets

If you are running during winter or in the evenings, running can become particularly challenging due to lack of visibility. With this in mind, try to find a jacket that is easily seen on the road or trails. A reflective fabric can help you remain visible when running – even on the darkest or rainiest of days. High visibility Nike jackets will have reflective materials around mobile areas of the body – including the elbows and shoulders – this helps light reflect off you from every angle.

5. Run in style

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The running jacket for you

One thing you need to make sure of, is that your Nike running jacket fits you well. If it doesn’t, it may lose functionality. For example, if you want to layer for a midnight run, a jacket that doesn’t fit properly may restrict your movement. In order to figure out if your jacket is a good fit – try it on and test your range of motion. The perfect jacket for you will provide free movement of your arms and should quickly respond to your movements without any struggle or constriction. Basically – make sure you can move swiftly.

Take a look at the Nike running jackets available, and find your perfect fit and experience the benefit when you are on the road or trail, today.