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Watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 Episode 1

Atlanta’s #1 rated ratchet show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is back like it never left.. I was down Peters st. when they show was airing and every where you went people were tuned in like it was the Superbowl on TV.

The love triangle of Stevie, Mimi and Joseline is still in effect. Now that Stevie moved in with Mimi it’s kinda all under one roof.

Things get messy when Mimi decides to move in to Stevie J’s house, which means Joseline has to move out. Once again, Joseline takes control of the situation and brands Mimi as her maid. Fed up with the disrespect from Joseline, Mimi goes HAM on Stevie for not controlling his hoe. But wait, why isn’t Mimi taking her beef straight to Joseline? She scared?

Erica Dixon and Lil Scrappy are still engaged, Shay is still getting over the fact that she wasn’t chosen.

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