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4 Ways to Upgrade Your Car With LED Lighting – 2024 Guide

It is not important what type of car you own and how thrilled you are with it, with time it’ll bore you. When this happens, you’ll want this article inf front of you, as we have a few ideas for you what to do. What we have in store for you are the four ways to upgrade your car with LED lighting – 2024 Guide. It’s no longer important which part of your vehicle you want to change, as we have covered both interior and exterior, and everything in between. You’d be surprised how big of a change a small light can make. After making the first step, you’ll want to illuminate your entire car. You have been warned – LED lights can create addiction. Joking aside, let’s move further onto the article and see what we have prepared for you.

1. Wheel And Fender Lights

Source: Orlando Custom Audio

People work their ass off in order to collect funds to improve their ride but eventually can’t find a good idea. Luckily you have us, and we’re here to tell you that wheel and fender lights are a place where you should start improving your car. This is a fantastic accessory that can really put your vehicle in the spotlight during the night. Cars that have this type of lighting always have all eyes on them, but regardless of the attention they’ll get, this is a fabulous way to take advantage of LED lighting to make your automobile appear superior.

Once you are up for this move, the choices you can make are numerous. You can pick one color for your lights, a number of colors, or even make them interchangeable while you’re driving. The lights come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

2. Interior LED Lights

Source: pbnf

All of us know that LED lights are primarily used for improving the aesthetics of interior spaces. But, people usually assume that it something used in houses, bars, or cinemas. But oh my, oh may, are they wrong, and are missing something big. It is not mission impossible, like the movie, to transfer this idea to the interior of your car. It’s not essential what car do you own, but once you turn the lights on, everyone is going to feel as if they’ve entered a limousine.

This is all the reason you need to do this, and make your vehicle a light show of sort. Of course, could you not do it without a taste? When installed properly, these bulbs can not only impress your passengers but also make them feel more comfortable. Same as the ones above, you can choose numerous colors. The best way to go is to pick neutral colors such as white or to pair them with the color of your dashboard or seats. All choices are reasonably good. According to statistics, there are many of those who opt for blue and red shades. Whatever you decide, it is going to be a bulls-eye, as you can’t go wrong with LED lights.

3. Headlights and Taillights

Source: Advance Auto Parts

By now, you should know that having these lamps is a much better option than going with regular halogen ones. What separates them significantly is the visibility they offer. Once you install LED headlights, you’ll see that they provide more brightness, which is a fantastic advantaged during the night on an open road. They also improve your safety, as other participants in traffic are going to notice your vehicle with ease. The difference many people are not prepared to go around is the price. Yes, LED lights do cost more compared to halogens, but with a reason – they last longer, they’re more efficient and will last longer. This should be enough reason to cover the difference in cost. Add to this equation that you’ll spend less on spare bulbs and that your battery’s life would be prolonged, and you’re left with little to think about.

Furthermore, we shouldn’t forget about the good old looks. Even an old vehicle is going to look younger and fresh with new LED lamps. This way, you are going to get rid of the old yellow shade of halogens. They are going to be replaced with shiny new ones, that in addition to washing your headlights, should shine bright as a fool moon. A pair of LED headlights and taillights could really change the way your automobile looks like.

4. Car-Door Lights

Source: Diode Dynamics

Once your car is no longer in motion, you can’t impress the passengers with a robust engine or fancy interior lights. But what can you do? Well, you can go ahead and install LED lights on your door. If you have covered all the steps we have above, this one should be your next one. Not only that, it looks beautiful visually, but it also has a concrete appliance. Have you ever stepped in a puddle walking straight out of your car? You probably have, but with these lights in the door, the chances of this happening are minimal.

Furthermore, it is an additional safety blanket. Once you are stopped in your car, if you are on an open road, it can be a signal for the passing by cars and motorcycles. Also, you can make it so that it shines the logo of the manufacturer on the ground or a Batman sign for all that we care. The options are numerous, but quite a lovely little touch.


After reading this article, we’re sure you are on your way to implementing one of the ideas we gave you for how to apply LED lights to your ride. The options can go beyond what we have offered you on a plate, or you can even customize what we said, with a little tweak of your own. Whatever you choose to do, making your vehicle cooler with new bulbs is something everyone should do. A small improvement that makes a significant change for both you and your mechanical pet.