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Types Of Coffee Beans Used In The Restaurant & Tips For Choosing

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If there is an opinion that everyone can agree on, coffee is a favorite beverage for many people. There are so many different types available. It can, thus, become difficult to know where to start when selecting the next cup.

One can make all kinds of delicious coffee at home. But if a part of the restaurant industry, there is a need to know the different types of coffee beans used in the restaurant and how to choose the right type depending upon the need.

This article will provide tips on choosing types of beans and some valuable background information about the unique characteristics and how they make some specialty. It can help readers make informed decisions when purchasing their next bag of coffee beans or selecting their next favorite brew. There are a few things to consider when choosing beans:

  1. price;
  2. flavor profile; and
  3. method of extraction.

Another option is to try making a blend using different types of – beans based on what kind one wants to serve.

Specialty Coffee Subscriptions

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Specialty coffee subscriptions are a great way to try new flavors and learn more about the different types of – beans that are available. They are an alternative for those trying to build up a supply of fresh cups and those who do not want to worry about running out. They provide access to different kinds of specialty from around the world. There are options from a line of varieties, from single-origin coffees to everything in between.

Many subscription services, such as FollyCoffee offer detailed information about the farmers who grow the coffee beans to get an idea of how they are sourced and processed. There is access to information about each of them. That includes the region where it was grown and how many days it took to travel. The travel journey is from the farm where it was grown to the roaster. Then, purchasing the subscription of beans from the roaster.

That is a great way to explore new kinds without taking out a loan. It is so as they provide access to some of the best around. It also helps keep it fresh for longer, which means getting more enjoyment out of it than if bought from an online retailer or specialty shop. They will allow trying new kinds each month for a set price per pound or gram, depending on the subscription.

It allows for making better purchasing decisions down the line. As it makes it easy to try new kinds and see the best one liked. Some specialty coffee subscriptions also offer samples of different types of coffee beans. They help get an idea of what kind of taste profile is liked/preferred before purchasing an entire package.

Types of Coffee Beans Used in the Restaurant

Coffee beans are an integral part of the restaurant and cafe business, so it is essential to know the types used. In the restaurant world, there are many different types used. While many may think that all are created equal, this is not so.

There are different types, each with distinct flavor profiles, aromas and textures. So it is integral to choose the right type depending on the individual’s taste. There are two main types of coffee beans used in the restaurant: Arabica and Robusta.

The most common type used in restaurants is Arabica beans. Arabica is grown in volcanic mountains. These have a very mild flavor and aroma, but they are also very high quality. Arabica beans tend to be more expensive than other types because they’re rarer and more difficult to grow.

Other common types include Robusta and Robusta blends. They’re often used in blends with other all the other types of beans, including Arabica and Robusta. Robusta is grown in cooler climates. They have a higher caffeine content than Arabica.

Thus, it produces a stronger cup of coffee. They’re also less acidic, meaning they produce less bitterness when brewed.

Tips for Choosing

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When choosing coffee beans, an individual should consider the type of beverage they want to make and its flavor profile. For example, if an individual wants a strong espresso drink with cream, one could use an espresso bean. On the other hand, if an individual is making an Americano, essentially an espresso shot, one would want to use an Americano bean instead.

Another thing to consider when buying them is their origin place. Ideally, these beans will have been grown in Brazil, India or another country where high-quality coffee beans are grown; however, this does not always mean that these will taste good. It is also integral to look at the process of roasting beans. Either by hand or machine before being ground up into powder form.

So that one knows what flavor profile they will have when used in the recipe. For example, chocolate notes that come from roasting. It is versus the caramel notes that come from roasting.

Finally, it is integral to choose the high-quality ones, that are roasted to perfection. It will ensure that the drink tastes great. It does not have any flavors added to it, such as chocolate or caramel roasting.

Coffee Makers and Methods

In addition to the type of bean used, the maker one uses will also affect how one cup of coffee tastes. For example, if an individual uses a French press or pour-over method, one will want to choose a darker roast because it has more oils than a light roast. It also makes for better flavor notes when brewing. It is so because the process allows more oils and other extracted compounds in the bean into one’s cup.

If looking for a classic cup of coffee, go with a medium or light roast. This type of bean is easier to work with when brewing. A lighter roast will produce less acidity and have more of the subtle flavors and nuances people love. Of course, one can also use a drip maker or espresso machine to brew it.

A light roast is the best option if an individual uses a drip maker. As it will taste more like what one is used to at home. The method of brewing can also change the flavor profile. For example, if one uses an espresso machine or cold brew process, the cup will have a bolder flavor than if one made it with hot water and milk.

A medium roast will give one the best results if one uses an automatic drip maker. There are also many different ways to brew it. So it is integral to understand how each method works to know if the cup of coffee tastes as good as possible. From coffee roasts, grinds to coffee grinders, learn more about coffee brewing in this article by The Brew Therapy.

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One of the best ways to know that one is getting good quality coffee beans is to buy from a local roaster. These companies will not only roast their beans, but they will also be able to tell one where they get them. Buying them is a process that takes time and attention, but it is well worth the effort if one wants to make delicious drinks at home every day or share them with friends.

They can also be purchased whole and ground up at home, which is a good option if one is looking for something freshly ground and will stay fresh for longer than pre-ground powder. To keep restaurant customers happy with their cup of coffee, finding the various types and the correct tips for choosing them is integral.