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Travel & Work? What Do You Need To Know

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With the huge shift to remote work that has been seen over the past year or two, there are an increasing number of people looking forward to the opportunities of being able to travel whilst working with growing numbers of tips online just like here at digitalnomads.world – for those looking to make the change however there’s a lot of research needed to  find out whether or not it’s the right choice and it certainly isn’t for everyone, and it can be quite difficult for newcomers to adjust to the change. From the huge number of different locations that are welcoming digital nomads, the different visas that are on offer, and the best ways to travel at a budget without becoming overwhelmed. So, what is needed to know information when it comes to exploring this lifestyle?

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Read up on all visa requirements before heading off, if necessary – Not all countries require any elaborate visa to enter, or have any cost to do so, but there are many that do and reading up on these requirements ahead of time will be essential to enjoying the experience and removing some of the unneeded stress. Countries like Dubai have recently unveiled their own remote working visa to encourage travellers to make the move but can come with a substantial financial investment that occurs year after year, as well as other caveats such as needing to undergo a yearly medical examination. It can be a somewhat frustrating process for those who haven’t experienced it before but being exposed to it more often makes it easier each time.

Getting all necessary travel preparations in place – Getting into the country is only one part of the initial set-up, being able to get around is something else entirely. There are many who have been able to take up work in their permanent residence when abroad, but if travelling to a different country to work is the goal then seeing the sights is important to – look up local rail or metro cards, buss passes, rental agreements before setting off and learning the routes that may be needed during the trip. It’s something that’s often overlooked at first as those arriving are overwhelmed trying to figure out how to get from one place to another, it is much easier than ever before with smartphones and other tech but preparing ahead of time will give the greatest benefit.

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Accommodation and living arrangements should come next – Different countries will have different rules for short term rental agreements and other factors, so whilst it may be very easy to find living arrangements for certain countries it may not be for others. There are sites and apps geared specifically towards digital nomads to aid with temporary accommodation with others in similar working environments, or more common choices like Airbnb and hotels. Read up ahead of time to find out what rules may prevent renting in the short term, or how long may be the minimum required period to stay in a country for living purposes.

Tax agreements and other commitments – How taxes and other commitments are paid are just as important to consider too – some countries will share a tax agreement meaning nothing at all will be needed other than a quick check each year, but others will need a bit more work. Whether working for the same company back home, being self-employed, or registering as a location independent business, it’s important to ensure that everything here is lined up the way it needs to be before first stepping foot into a new temporary working home – this will save a headache further down the road when trying to figure out what may or may not be owed and keeping this organised is a key to success for those who have made remote working in another country work.

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Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the experience – Whilst there’s a lot of work that comes from the initial set-up and the big move that follows to work remotely in another country, it’s just as important not to lose sight of the goal. A change of scenery and surroundings, a fresh start, and an opportunity to enjoy what may be a very different culture and country. Doing as much prep work as possible before leaving will help to ensure that there’s more time to enjoy time not working with this newer work life balance, as trying to figure out the above and more with all of the stresses of moving will be difficult enough. It can be easy to lose sight of the enjoyable experience and get caught back in the rat race of working all day with little time for enjoyment after, so get any priorities sorted as soon as possible in order to enjoy this new life away from home.

It’s a very exciting period of time for change, however, it’s something becoming much more normalised and acceptable to do which is allowing for further opportunities particularly as different countries continue to introduce different remote working visas and making opportunities for this change easier too, there’s still some grey area that could lead to unexpected complications but it should still be seen as something to enjoy – after all of the preparation is made however, the hard part is yet to come as choosing where to go is the exciting part – there are a number of lists out there from digital nomads who have come before detailing the pros and cons of different locations and what’s on offer for digital nomads, and checking these lists out can give some great insight in what to expect for cost of living, quality of life, and any other factor that can be thought about when choosing to live and work somewhere else – there’s no better time than now to explore this change too, so if it is a possibility and change is desired, then start exploring the best options out there and discover what the new digital nomad trend is all about.