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Topless Aubrey O’Day Complex Magazine Photos

Danity Kane Aubrey O’Day lets her tata’s out in the September/October 2008 issue of Complex Magazine. Also some pictures from Dawn of DK also added for some reason she doesn’t do anything for me.

You seem to like to talk about se*.
Aubrey O’Day: I love po**.

That makes sense, but we’re talking about the first time. Do you think a guy could ask to use the back door the first time?
Aubrey O’Day: For females in general, se* is so much bigger than the physical feeling. It’s so emotional for us. I’ve known tons of girls who’ve had tons of se* with different people, and it’s the same thing across the board. So in order to let somebody go to that degree of se*, you have to really 100-percent trust them.

Aubrey On Her Love Of po**:

“I usually watch black guys doing white girls, that’s my little fetish, even though in real life race isn’t a factor for me. Really, I’m more turned on by watching the girls than the guys. I love someone who looks like they’re really into se*.”

All this po** talk raises the question: Would you ever be in one?
Aubrey O’Day: I wouldn’t. I’d like to keep my se* life personal. I’ve had se* on camera with my boyfriend for fun, though.

Damn, you know those things can leak, right?
Aubrey O’Day: I’ve made all of them delete it right after we watched it.

That’s what you think.
Aubrey O’Day: No, I’ve watched them delete it. But let me tell you the key to that. If you do a live feed through the TV, you can watch it on the TV while you’re doing it and it never records.

More of the interview is here Complex

Donnie Klang trash talks Aubrey from danity kane ,basically aubrey gave him head…