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5 Things to Look for When Buying a TV – 2024 Guide

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TV has evolved over the years, so today we can use it in many other ways than we did before. Today, there are now televisions that differ in many performances, appearance and options. Yet how can you find the right one for you? What are 5 things you should look for when buying a TV?

1. HD, Full HD And Ultra HD

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What most people want when choosing a television is its size – or the diagonal of the screen. Most people think that the bigger the screen, the better is the TV.

Likewise, most of us have heard of HD and Full HD resolution, so when buying a TV – customers also take the resolution into account.

Of course, with every purchase of technical equipment such as a TV, especially in larger outlets – there are expert staff who can always explain in detail the advantages and disadvantages of a particular TV. They will also explain what HD and Full HD resolution are. More modern TVs also offer Ultra HD resolution – which is almost four times as many pixels as others.

However, the fact is that the prices of such TVs are still fixed, so if you insist on the perfect resolution you will have to pay more.

2. Screen Size

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To make the right screen size decision, you need to determine where your TV will stand. After that, know that the distance between the seating position and the screen should be proportional to its size.

Experts advise that it is best to sit at a distance that is 3 times bigger than the height of the TV – when it comes to HD resolution – while 1.5 times larger when it comes to 4K resolution TVs. Today, 4K resolution TVs are increasingly being produced and recommended, Therefore, we recommend choosing a screen size accordingly.

Likewise, 4K resolution offers a much better image, due to the pixel count – and gives perfect sharpness and a more natural image. What is currently a disadvantage of these TVs is the inability to watch all the channels in this resolution. It is because many channels do not support it yet.

What we should consider when purchasing a certain screen size – is the ability to repair it if a malfunction occurs.

3. TV Services

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What most TV services offer is the repair of all TV models, regardless of their brand and screen size. So whatever screen you choose, keep in mind that this will not be a problem for any TV service if needed.

Another thing that almost every TV service offers is coming to your address –  whether the service will be held at your place or a TV shop. The diagnostic is free – and you won’t have to carry your huge TV to a repair shop, but the TV service will do it for you.

It is similar to the satellite antenna systems that we assume you already have. It is important to choose a service that will offer you complete support – from installation, through maintenance, to repair (in case you need one).

Importance of the aerial system for image quality is huge. If you want to find out how you can install them – see here. After that, if you choose the right or SMART TV, you will be able to quickly get back to your activities such as watching YouTube clips, movies on Netflix or another service.

Also, you can search the internet and scroll your Facebook indefinitely and stay informed about your events and your friends.

Last but not least, a majority of companies offer TV installation, and more often than not they have some other services at their disposal, such as alarm and CCTV integration. For more info, visit this website.

4. Choose OLED Before LED Technology

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Modern TVs are mainly made in two technologies – LED or OLED. Although OLED technology is more expensive – it is more recent and provides a much better display of content on the screen. So, according to that, OLED seems like a better choice than TV made with LED technology.

To clarify exactly where the differences between the two technologies are, we will outline several characteristics that are specific to a particular fabrication technology. First of all, the key difference for many customers is the price of such a device – which is higher with OLED TVs.

However, the good news is that the price of OLED technology is getting down. Thanks to the individual pixel display of OLED technology, the content on the screen is better and fuller. As for light, both technologies work well under light conditions, and LEDs sometimes prove to have even better solutions for brighter rooms.

In contrast, OLED technology achieves much better results by displaying more realistic colours, especially concerning high-quality black. It is important to emphasize that choosing an LED TV would not be a wrong choice.

Modern LED TVs can also provide a high-quality picture, so they are certainly a wise investment as well.

5. Better Audio System

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Modern TVs look sophisticated even to the smallest detail. The main goal of every TV brand manufacturer is to hide the TV case as much as possible. Many succeed, but with the appliance of this spectacular minimalist design – some quality components are lost. One of the major disadvantages of modern TVs is slightly lower in sound quality.

Manufacturers find it difficult to pack a quality audio system into a minimalist enclosure – so users need to think carefully about how their new TV will sound. When buying a TV, listen to its sound quality and ask the retailer what the audio upgrade options are.

Specifically, find out what connectors the TV has and whether it can be connected to an external audio system to get better audio quality. This is extremely important, because, with a good quality jack and a small amount of money invested in the audio system – you can significantly improve the sound quality your TV produces.


The first thing is to define a budget because everything depends on it. After the budget, pay attention to technology behind the design, colour performance, screen size – and all the important things that affect your selection.

Don’t look at every dollar because it’s a long-term investment – so it’s better to equip yourself with the technology of the future than to buy something that won’t trend for a month or a year. We wish you the best of luck with your TV purchase and hope it will serve you for a long time.