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5 Things You Should Know About Tattoo Removal

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Putting a tattoo on yourself is a lifetime decision, they say. But, is it? Maybe it was a long time ago, but nowadays we have a lot of advanced methods of tattoo removal available, so we can change our minds later. You may ask, why did they remove their tattoos if they wanted them so? We grow up, and we overcome some of the things that were important to us in the past. Sometimes people choose to put some ink on them because of the current trends, or they think something is meaningful for them, but change their mind later.

Laser removal is one of the most common modern methods, for those who want to erase the existence of the tattoo. It’s probably one of the best decisions you can make, and most efficient too. You can visit here to see the results of the intervention. The lasers are getting better as time goes by, and you can remove almost every color and size of a tattoo in a few sessions or more.

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If you are interested in such an intervention, you are probably already informed about the prices, how many sessions are needed, but also about the type of laser used, as well as the possible consequences after removal. That’s why, in the continuation of this text, we have singled out the five most important things that you must know, before deciding on such a big step.

1. It’s expensive and you can’t complete it in just a few sessions

We will not lie to you – laser tattoo removal treatment is expensive. Even when you have a discount or if you get an offer with a reduced price, it is again an expensive intervention and also time-consuming. The results are permanent, but you must be willing to invest up to a year, and if it is a very large tattoo and more, to be completely removed from your skin. Sufficient time should elapse between treatments so that you can recover and be exposed to the laser again. It is completely wrong to think that 2-3 sessions and a few weeks are enough for a successful treatment, so be prepared to invest both time and money in this.

2. Lasers are pretty strong and they can cause temporary skin damage

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It is a high-power laser that penetrates the lower layers of the skin and destroys the ink that has been used. Keep in mind that this ink has been a part of you for years and that you need a really strong laser to penetrate enough, to find the pigments and to react with them, to fade them. Of course, the skin will be more or less damaged. You will receive advice from a professional about proper care, which you must adhere to, for the skin to regenerate.

3. It hurts, but not as much as it seems

The treatment is not painless and you must be aware of that. The tattoo was not painless either. In the movies and documentaries, we see the face roll over in pain as the laser intervenes on the skin, but the truth is that it is not as painful as it seems. Remember, you endured the tattoo. This pain is similar, maybe a little stronger, but not unbearable. However, if you are afraid that it may hurt a lot, then you can consult with experts on whether to use a pain medication before treatment. But trust us, it’s not that painful to not be able to stand it.

4. It all depends on the tattoo, but also on your skin type and tone

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The effectiveness of the treatments mostly depends on how old the tattoo is and what colors it has. Note that dark colors like black, green, dark blue, react much easier with the laser and the pigment fades. But yellow or orange, although bright, need more treatments to be successfully removed. Also, your skin tone can make the whole thing easier or harder. Therefore, it is necessary to consult with experts in order to determine the method of removal.

5. It’s a good option if you want to do a cover over the old tattoo

One of the most popular ways to get rid of an old tattoo is to cover it with a new one. But this is not always possible, as the color may be really dark and the coverage may not be successful. However, with the help of several laser sessions, you can fade those colors, so that the new tattoo master will find it easier to work on the old one. Keep in mind that a long time must pass between the laser and the new tattoo for the skin to regenerate and be able to withstand the needle stings again. This way you only do partial removal, which will not be too expensive and too painful.

Bonus tip

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Choose studios that are certified to work with lasers to remove ink and pigments from human skin. Only then can you be sure that things will go well and that you will receive the highest quality service. You do not have to compromise on this. Be very careful and seek out professionals in your area for a complete treatment to be successful. That’s the only way to make sure everything will be done properly.


Removing tattoos is not an easy process. You must be prepared for the full procedure, which depending on the size and age of the tattoo, can take up to a whole year, until the desired result is achieved. However, the advice for using quality services remains. It is about your skin, for which you must not compromise in terms of quality and professionalism, just to get a better price. Follow the studies and clinics around you regularly so that you can decide where to place your trust. You have a long way to go, but it does not have to be difficult, especially now that you already know the most important things about laser tattoo removal.