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How to Start a Chat With a Woman Online

There are a vast number of sites in all areas of activity, from simple hobbies, interest groups, resources for solving technical issues to global business systems. Dating sites are of no small importance today for users who want to find an interlocutor, chat with Russian girls on sweetydate.com, meet a friend, like-minded person, companion, or a life partner.

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Advantages of virtual communication

Dating on the Internet has a lot of positive aspects:

  • This is a real salvation for timid and withdrawn people who are ashamed to approach a girl on the street.
  • Conversations in real life can take most of the day – taking into consideration the regular refusals and haste of women. Moreover, you can chat with an unrestricted number of girls online when looking for a potential partner.
  • There is an opportunity to think about what to write to a girl you like in advance. Also, you have time for an answer – there is no need to compose a witty speech on the go or try to parade your intellect with lightning speed.
  • You can stop correspondence at any time or blacklist especially annoying interlocutors.
  • After analyzing some examples of virtual communication, psychologists came to an amazing conclusion: it is easier for a person to open up in front of a computer screen than in front of a real interlocutor.
  • You don’t need to leave your comfort zone or go out into the street to communicate with other people or look for a loved one. It is enough to turn on a laptop, computer, or smartphone to chat in an online environment just within the space of a few minutes.
  • Virtual communication doesn’t require time and financial investment. You don’t need to arrange a real meeting and get there by transport.

Everyone has their own needs and desires

It can be difficult for us to find the right person in real life, but in the Internet space, it is much easier to do it. What actions should you take? First, you need to select a site and register on it. After filling out a form with your data and attaching photos, you can start your search. Please read the site user profile, view their photos. Are you interested? So, you can try to write them a message.

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Where to start a conversation

Don’t be afraid to write first. Any person will appreciate that you showed interest in them. A girl will definitely like you have singled her out from the vast mass of users of the dating site. Do not start a correspondence with trite phrases like “Hello! How are you? What are you doing?”

Start your message with an open conversation. Write what exactly interested you in a girl. Compliment her, appreciate the quality of her photos, ask where she took them. If the first introductory message attracts a new interlocutor, she will answer you.

Try to write correctly, without mistakes, show that you are an educated person. Build simple sentences, use commas where required in the text. Write openly and honestly. Be sure to say a few words about yourself so that your interlocutor understands who she is communicating with and whether she is interested.

What to talk about further

Ask questions tactfully and discreetly. Tell the girl about your interests and hobbies about your upcoming vacation plans. Your interlocutor will probably be interested in knowing what you are dreaming about and where you would like to go. There must be a point of contact between you among these topics. And perhaps not even one.

Try to get your new friend interested in the first minutes. This trick will help you quit continuing the dialogue.

Include feelings and emotions in your stories that will spark curiosity, joy, or empathy. If you want to meet and communicate, the next stage of dating will be a real conversation, for example, in a video chat. When chatting in person in front of the webcam, behave naturally and at ease.

Let your new friend see you as a simple, open person ready to build relationships. Do not hide your imperfection or embellish the flaws. The girl must know who she is dealing with.

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What to say in the first message if you are a guy

Young people tend to compliment a girl. Therefore, do not skip this part but also do not be hypocritical. Experienced men advise praising a girl for what she put in some effort. For example, a pretty face or beautiful eyes are given by nature, so a compliment on this matter will not be so valuable. But good figure, which a girl evidently keeps in the gym, or a well-done makeup, surely deserves attention and praise.

You should not invent any pretentious or pompous words. Pay simple compliments, but at the same time, try not to be banal and boring. Lying is not recommended too. Many girls feel dishonesty by instinct, so truthful admiration of her virtues is much better. However, you shouldn’t overly admire her physical charms – it will be overkill. You can gain a reputation of a prurient guy who is deprived of female attention.

In addition, try to fit your admiration for her perfection into 2–4 restrained phrases. Such messages attract female attention better than lengthy ornate statements on half a page.

What topics to discuss with a lady

Almost all girls and women, regardless of age, love male attention. So, you should find out about a girl’s interests and hobbies. As a rule, there are some standard questions that you cannot do without:

  • What kind of music does your interlocutor prefer to listen to?
  • Which movie genre is closer to her?
  • Does she have any hobbies, such as sports, dancing, singing, or something else?
  • Does she like traveling? Which countries of the world has she already visited? What countries or cities does she dream of visiting?
  • Ask about her family. Does she have brothers or sisters?
  • Where does she study? If at a university, what subject does she study? Or maybe she’s already working. Why don’t you ask what position she holds?
  • Learn about her food excesses; what kind of world cuisine does she prefer?
  • How she likes to spend her free time: clubs, movies, cafes or her favorite book and a cup of coffee;
  • What does she think of esoterics and mysticism? Does she believe in astromancy?
  • Ask questions based on your interests. For example, whether she loves animals or plays a musical instrument.

Try to find common ground in order to know what topics you can talk about with the girl so that you don’t seem her boring or stupid. Although women love smart men, don’t try to sound like someone you are not.

The information received will help you to determine whether you have common interests and views, whether the interlocutor is of any interest to you as a personality, and whether it is worth continuing your acquaintance at all. But do not forget that you need to answer similar questions too. Moreover, you should do it honestly, since the girl also evaluates you and draws some conclusions.

Try to maintain volubility in a conversation with a beautiful girl online, so that communication flows on its own, do not torture the girl with too personal and intimate questions at the beginning of your acquaintance. Instead, it’s better to joke and flirt more. Show that you are really interested in communicating with the interlocutor, ask her tricky questions, but not vulgar and offensive. Send her cute and smiling emoticons and stickers, share funny photos and videos. Such communication relaxes the girl, and she will reach out to you if she feels good and calm with you.

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Taboo topics for conversation with a girl

There is a number of topics that it’s better not to talk about in online correspondence with a girl you are interested in:

  • vulgarity;
  • former romantic relationships;
  • immodest intimate topics;
  • sexual preferences;
  • health problems and various diseases;
  • financial difficulties;
  • psychological problems;
  • complaints about life and work;
  • gossip about friends;
  • resentment against the opposite sex;
  • religious beliefs and practices;
  • political opinions.

Standard men’s mistakes when chatting with women

Men make a lot of mistakes when communicating with girls online. The most common ones are:

  • Self-love and selfishness. When a guy talks only about himself, it irritates and repels girls.
  • Some men turn a pleasant conversation with a girl into an interrogation. They shower her with a bunch of questions, thus, discouraging her from answering. Remember that your conversation should be gradual and measured.
  • Using hackneyed phrases and boring pick-up lines is a sure way to the blacklist. Therefore, it is better to avoid pick-up stereotypes.
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How to end a conversation with a girl online

It is impossible to say unequivocally how to properly communicate with an attractive girl on the Internet. There are many pitfalls, and one of the trickiest parts of a conversation online is its ending.

Sometimes, the conversation takes far too long and needs to be interrupted. However, you should do this correctly so as not to offend a new friend. Of course, it’s gracelessly to go offline when the chat hasn’t ended yet. Real men don’t do that.

In order not to offend the girl you like and end the conversation, it is enough to write the following: “I really enjoy communicating with you. Unfortunately, I have some loose ends to deal with right now. I hope you understand everything and do not take offense. We’ll get in touch later.” No girl can resist a real romantic who does not slip out without saying a word.

How to understand that your communication can lead to something more?

Guys often have doubts about whether it is worth continuing the conversation with a girl and waiting for her answer next time. The most important reason to keep communicating is desire. If you yourself do not want to chat with someone, it is better not to force yourself to write to this person. In addition, your unwillingness to communicate will quickly give itself away to your interlocutor. After all, it’s pretty easy to identify when a person is not interested in communication. There are 3 clear signs of such unwillingness:

  • laconic messages;
  • communication is carried out in the format of an interview – one asks questions, the other answers them;
  • lack of initiative and interest towards the interlocutor.

If you feel such an attitude from a girl, then it is better to stop the acquaintance and look for another interlocutor who will be truly interested in communicating with you.

The format of the correspondence is very important too. The presence of flirting in communication speaks volumes. This is not only about simple interest but also about some special connection between people that brings positive emotions to both interlocutors and puts a smile on their faces. In addition, this suggests that such an acquaintance may develop into closer and more intimate communication.

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If at the beginning of your acquaintance with a girl, your communication proceeds easily and naturally, it means everything is fine. And if, after the correspondence, you already exchange phone numbers, try calling the girl. Tell her that you miss her, that she has a pleasant voice, and that you want to meet her in real life.

Please do not push the girl to answer; let her think about your offer to meet. Any woman dreams of feeling the strong shoulder of her companion next to her. She wants moral and material support. But don’t make promises about getting married or living together. Please do not give her hope until you are ready for such an important step!