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How a Standing Desk Can Improve Your Health and Change Your Whole Lifestyle for Good

Have you ever dreamt of having an ideal workstation that will improve both your efficiency and health? Buying a height-adjustable desk is only a half-way to success. Before purchasing this smart workstation for home or office, you should learn some crucial details about it first.

We are all born different, but we all need comfort to work and live in. Height-adjustable desks are one of the best tools that can be customized to fit anyone.

It provides a range of advantages for both your body and health, thereby changing your lifestyle and opportunities for good.

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What Does Sitting All Day Do to Your Body?

While in the office, the employees often face the necessity to sit at their desks for many hours, managing dozens of operations. Moreover, sometimes this “need” turns into a habit, negatively affecting their health.

Perhaps, you will be surprised to learn that sitting can be as dangerous as smoking!

Here are the top 12 side effects of excessive sitting:

  • Leads to low energy expenditure;
  • Slows down metabolism;
  • Causes back and spine injure;
  • Might lead to the occurrence of depression;
  • Flares up chronic pains;
  • Might lead to the occurrence of deep vein thrombosis (DTV);
  • Leads to rheumatic disorders;
  • Contributes to weight gain;
  • Increases the possibility of cancer development;
  • Leads to a compromised posture;
  • Raises the risk of heart decease and diabetes;
  • Increases the level of blood pressure and cholesterol;

Is there any way to improve the efficiency of your performance, avoiding the above-mentioned consequences?

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How Can I Reduce the Effects of Sitting All Day?

Timely response to the signals of your body is one of the best ways to prevent the occurrence of health problems.

Here are some useful tips you can try:

  • Replace your ordinary desk by a standing desk;
  • Do physical exercises at least 150 minutes a week;
  • Move more when you have such a possibility;
  • Leave your car in the garage/parking lot and walk to work;
  • Do some exercises during lunch breaks;
  • Spend less time sitting by TV or computer;
  • Stand on the bus or train;
  • Give your preference to walking up/down the stairs instead of elevators (when possible);
  • Set a reminder to switch from sitting to standing every 30 minutes;
  • Walk to a colleague’s desk/office instead of emailing or calling;
  • Walk when you speak over the phone;
  • Take up active leisure time facilities, dancing, sports, Pilates, etc.;

Make sure that environment at home and office are not only comfortable but harm-free. Replace the pieces of furniture so that they match the peculiar features of your body.

For example, you can use a height-adjustable desk at work. Its adjustability is one of the major advantages as it will always sit at the “right” height. Moreover, standing balances many vital physical processes in our bodies.

Here are the key benefits of using a standing desk:

  • Lowers the risk of weight gain and obesity as well;
  • Lowers blood sugar level;
  • Decreases the risk of heart disease development;
  • Reduces pains in your back;
  • Improves energy level;
  • Advances productivity;
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How Long Should You Stand at a Standing Desk?

The best way to reduce the harmful influence of sitting and standing on your body is to alternate between the positions. Thus, you will save your body from pains and improve blood circulation.

The sitting vs standing time ratio should be 1:1 or 2:1. For example, for an eight-hour workday, a person should stand 30-45 minutes every hour.

How Do I Maximize My Standing Desk?

The achievement of a high level of efficiency is possible only if your workplace is customized following your body’s needs.

While choosing a height adjustable desk, people should consider many factors:

  • Material;
  • The optimal height for your desk;
  • Space;
  • Availability of additional facilities.

Here are some useful tips on how to use an adjustable desk correctly, maximizing your opportunities:

  • A 90-degrees angle. Make sure that your workstation is adjusted at your elbow height. Thus, you will save your hands and arms from injuries.
  • Right posture. Do not push your head forward, backward, or to the side. Keep your back straight, shoulders relaxed, and your earlobes in line with your shoulders. Slightly bent your knees. Shift your weight from your toes to your heels, or one foot to the other, if you have to stand for a long time. Thus, your muscles will stay balanced, and you will avoid back pains.
  • Watch your wrists. Place your wrists parallel to the desk surface. Use only your fingers to maintain operations. The wrists should stay in a neutral position. This will help you prevent the occurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome development.
  • Do not stand for more than 60 minutes.
Source: Fitnest Europe – Standing Desks

What Happens When You Stand for 8 hours?

Just like sitting, prolonged standing at a height-adjustable desk will not bring any use to your health. According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety report, standing for 8 and more hours might lead to:

  • Cardiovascular problems;
  • Discomfort;
  • General muscular fatigue;
  • Leg pain;
  • Low back pain;
  • Sore feet;
  • Stiffness in the neck and shoulders;
  • The pooling of blood in the legs and feet, which leads to varicose veins;

At the same time, prolonged standing has some advantages. It burns calories. When you stand, your body burns from 100 to 200 calories per hour. Sitting burns only 60 – 130 calories per hour.

The guidelines of the International Labor Organization recommend that a person uses a chair while working at a standing desk so that he can switch from standing to sitting at regular intervals. Moreover, they mention the need for a floor mat, comfortable footwear, or footwear insertions, reducing the ill effects from working on a hard surface.

Here are the healthiest shoes recommended by the doctors:

  • Altra Paradigm 4.5;
  • Birkenstock Barrie;
  • Birkenstock Gizeh;
  • Dansko Honor Sneaker;
  • New Balance Fresh More v2;
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Thus, regular switching from sitting to standing can significantly improve not only your performance but health as well.