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Spring 2024 Women’s Hairstyles – 10 Awesome Looks to Copy

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We are well into 2024, and spring is almost here. That means that it is time for the year’s hottest trends to pop out of social feeds. You must be looking for spring trending styles for ideas to have your new looks. You are going to have a lot of fun with the latest trends that hairdressers in Cardiff Bellisimos Hair have picked out to inspire you.

1. Braided Tendrils

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If you have a craving for the 90s look, you need to go for face-framing layers. All you need are two skinny loner braids, hidden in the rest of your hair. Let them peek-a-boo from the rest of the hair. This coiffure is coming back, and it is Insta-worthy. The new style will be all over the newsfeed. Anyone can make braids so you can make this hairstyle at home. To make it, scoop the braids, twist them, and make them into a natural bun.

2. Messy Hair with Sleek Accessories

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If your headband look is not your best vibe, try the messy topknot spring trend, with a silky bow-tie scrunchie. Wearing padded headbands with big studs makes you look lovely. Heads will turn. This coiffure cannot go wrong. You may also make your hair into a messy low bun and let the headband highlight your hairline.

3. Bright Shades

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If you never tried it, then do it this spring. Scoop your hair at the crown of your head and make a neat bun. Pin it into place, and wrap a satin bow tie around it. Make a double knot and let the ends hang. It makes your face look beautiful and bright. This one is a favorite to most social influencers. Use silk bow ties with golden shades.

4. Messy Fishtail Braids and Bright Shades

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In 2019, the Rose-pink hair was a huge success, and it is still here in 2024. You may want to try this if you’re going to keep it neat and safe. There is no need to frighten your mom, so this is a great one for young women. If you have blond hair color, then go with the messy fishtail and add some colorful silken bow tie to it.

5. Pearls

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Whether you make braids all over your head or a neat bun, you can adorn it with pearls. They give your cut a definitive modern and Insta-worthy vibe. It is a great way to start the spring of 2024. If you put them in braids, they look amazing.

6. Lavender Sprigs

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Models at Olivia and Alice made this coiffure and coupled it with some bright lilac cream eyeshadow. That gave them an exotic and fantastic look, which you would want to try for the upcoming spring 2024. You would look like you are just out of a fairy garden. To complete this, you can make braids on the sides of your hairline and pin them in the center of your head. Then you can pass the lavender through your locks and fix them in place using bobby pins.

7. Neon Buns

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That can make you look like a celebrity. Nicole Miller wore this with splotches of neon paint and streaks scattered throughout her hair. There was no systematic pattern, so make it messy and haphazard. That is what makes it attractive. The unexpected bursts of bright colors made this coif seem very crafty and like artwork. You can make this one easily, so do not be nervous.

8. 80s Hair Combs

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This one is still another proof that the 80s and 90s are coming back. Models are brushing out and pulling their hair again using combs. That makes them have a simple but neat and elegant look. All you need to do is brush your hair out thoroughly to maintain the natural texture. Scoop the sides r and hold them back. With a comb clip, secure the flyaways and use a spray to set them neatly.

9. Crystals

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This one is freaking gorgeous. It is soft, has curls, and romantic waves. It is a modern style with crystals. They look magical and catch attention. It is easy to make. You can put the crystal pieces to the side behind your ear.

10. Twisted Half–Up Buns

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That is a classic – the half-up twisted topknots, as many calls it are just amazing. According to the Anna Sui show, it is the most trending coif of 2024 already. Models are wearing the bun while it looks fluffy, messy, and free-flying. First, section off your hair ear-to-ear, or temple to temple, to make a small bun. Split the middle part and split it into two. Then, from the hairline to the crown, loosely roll each section inward, forming two small buns, and pin them into place.

Other Styles Picking Up in 2024

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Aside from these top ten trends, the Bellisimos professionals in Cardiff recommend some others too. These include:

  • Giant Finger Waves – These waves feel both modern and retro. They look shiny and need to be super glossy
  • Major Pieces – Wearing tiny cute barrettes with flowers encrusted with jeweled clipped looks gorgeous.
  • Bouncy Ponytails – This one gives you the 50s vibe. Wearing two sleek, bouncy ponytails with soft curls looks fantastic.
  • 60’s Style – The blunt baby bangs, side-swooped teased crowns, are a great blast from the past. Try it.

There you go. These are easy-to-make trends you need to try in 2024. However, if you prefer a professional hairdresser to do it, feel free to head to the best salon near you.