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9 Simple Ways You Can Edit Your Videos Faster – 2024 Beginners Guide

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Video editing is a difficult and time-consuming process. Many companies and individuals hire editors to improvise their videos perfectly. When it comes to big projects, there is a lot of work in editing and managing big videos at the same time. If you know how to edit the videos, it is necessary to increase the speed to complete your tasks quickly. If you learn simple techniques, then it will be easy for you to do your tasks quickly.

In the following write-up, go through some simple ways that can help you edit your videos quickly. If you have a big list of customers who want you to edit their visual content, then you can say yes to their work. With some time, you will easily manage to do all the tasks and get enough money through this job. Make sure that you learn the techniques and know-how to use various applications. Let us get started.

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1. Organize Everything

If you want to set a good editing environment, then it is better to organize everything. You need to keep all the files, libraries, applications, images, audios, etc., together to access all the things you need.

When you arrange all the assets, it will be easy for you to find all the things in a single folder. You cannot waste your time by looking around different assets in different folders and files. Make sure that you create an understandable folder structure and keep all the files in the correct order.

2. Custom Presets

Many things are there in a video that needs to edit repeatedly. You can save your time by creating custom presets. Whenever you want to edit the same thing on different visual content, you can use the preset feature and change it. For example, you can develop a color grading, which is common in many videos. There will be no need to grade the color repeatedly if you use this tip.

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3. Converting Files into the Required File Format

In many cases, an editor has to add different types of files in their video. If you want to save your time, you need to convert the format before you start editing them. It will be easy and less time-consuming to uploads such content.

You can also use many online converter applications like voice2v.com to convert audio into a video file. You can use other software to do other tasks before you start editing any video. It makes your work faster and let you finish your work quickly.

4. Compress or Export Many Files in Bulk

If you have many files that you need to export or compress, then it is better to do it together. In this way, you will save a lot of time, and your work will be done quickly. Sometimes, we need to use compressed files and manage the compression process, and editing is difficult. Ensure that after exporting or compressing, the video’s quality remains the same as it was. No one wants to compromise with the quality of the visual content.

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5. Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Video editing is a quick process in which an editor can quickly access various features of the application. It is necessary to learn the shortcuts to prevent wasting your time on handling different controls.

With the combination of shortcut keys, your computer system will work quickly, and you will be able to edit the videos with ease. Some tasks, like cutting the clip, redo, undo, etc., are necessary to learn. An experienced editor must know all the shortcuts because he knows how to fasten the process of editing.

6. Fast Hard Drive

Make sure that your computer system contains a good and fast hard drive. It is necessary to have SSD (Solid State Drives) for quick functioning of the system. When you are editing your video, you work on frames.

Your system can hang if the hard disk is slow and does not respond well according to the software needs. It is necessary to understand the requirements and get a computer that fulfills your needs.

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7. Consider Right Peripherals

You must check what quality of peripherals is connected with your computer system. If you want high performance, then you should use a gaming mouse, editing keyboard with programmable buttons, and other effective peripherals. The accessories must be lightweight and fast in response.

You need to invest a lot of money that fulfills your requirements. You should be comfortable while using them. Your body parts must not ache while spending many hours editing the visual contents.

8. Use Markers

In many audio files, editors edit or add a clip in the waveform. You must use the marker, which is visible on the waveform. It is quite possible to view the entire timeline of editing content in a video.

It will be easy for you to recognize when and where you have to add something. In this way, you will save your time and edit the videos quickly. You can also track all the edits that you have done in any file.

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9. Plan Everything

If you want to work properly, then it is necessary to plan everything. You must understand the date of assigning and the deadline of the project. You have to allot your time in such a way that you can quickly edit your videos with complete planning. In this way, you will manage to complete your time on time. Make sure that you remember the date of delivery and complete all your tasks before the date.

10. Storyboarding and Previsualization: Efficient Planning for Seamless Editing

Storyboarding and previsualization play a crucial role in expediting the video editing process. Before diving into the editing software, take the time to create a storyboard or a rough outline of your video. By visualizing the sequence of shots, transitions, and key elements in advance, you’ll have a clear roadmap for your editing journey. This strategic planning not only saves time but also helps you make informed decisions, minimizing the need for trial and error during editing. Storyboarding ensures that you approach each edit with a purpose, reducing unnecessary revisions and streamlining the entire process.

11. Use Templates and Presets: Ready-Made Solutions for Quick Enhancements

Many video editing software options come equipped with templates and presets for various transitions, effects, and text elements. These pre-designed resources are valuable time-savers, allowing you to apply professional-quality enhancements to your videos with just a few clicks. Rather than manually creating each effect or transition from scratch, templates and presets provide a foundation that can be customized to suit your project’s needs. This not only expedites the editing process but also maintains a consistent visual style throughout your video. By leveraging these ready-made solutions, you can achieve polished results in less time.

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, video editing is a complicated and time-consuming process if not done in the right way. If you want to make money by getting more projects, you have to increase editing speed.

You must follow all the techniques mentioned earlier to make changes in the visual contents quickly. As a beginner, you need to follow all the tips to satisfy your customers by delivering their videos on time. Get enough money by editing multiple files in less time.