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Should I Buy A Forklift for My Warehouse?

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Many business owners or people who own warehouses have contemplated over a thousand times whether they should get a forklift to deal with heavier loads and they come to the conclusion that it is simply not worth it. And yes, purchasing a forklift is not an easy subject to get into because you would have to spend quite a sum for one.

However, the efficiency that you would get out of a forklift will actually bring you back all the money you have invested in it. By having the ability to move around heavy objects around your warehouse, you will be able to finish all of your projects much faster. The faster you finish your work, the more projects you will be able to do which will lead to more revenue.

If you do not have the help of a forklift in your warehouse then you will regularly be stuck with heavy objects that cannot be moved by a human. Of course, you could hire multiple people to carry them to the designated destination, but that could be risky both for the health of your workers and your goods.

This is why we recommend to everyone who owns a warehouse to have at least one properly working forklift that is regularly maintained. You do not want it to stop working in the middle of a job, right?

If you are still not convinced whether you should buy one or not, here are some of the benefits of having one.


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Before the invention of forklifts, warehouses and its workers did not have a lot of options when it came to lifting heavy items. To move loads they would have to use pulleys, thick ropes, and cables. Not only were they not enough to deal with items that weigh so much, but they were also completely unsafe.

A forklift is a much better alternative because it improves the overall safety in the storage space. Your workers and operators will feel much safer and the risk of breaking any of the items that you have to move around is much smaller. Naturally, to ensure that everything is regulated, you will also have to hire a skilled forklift operator. You can’t just put anyone behind the wheel since someone inexperienced may do a lot of damage to your goods.

Loading capabilities and maneuverability

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A forklift might seem like a small machine that cannot handle a lot of weight, but it is so compact for a reason. That compactness enables it to travel through the tightest spaces inside of a warehouse no matter how tight or narrow they are.

The loading capabilities of a forklift depend on what kind of model you pick, but most of them can easily handle a load of over 3000kg.


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You might think that a complicated machine like this would require constant maintenance and that such maintenance would be quite costly. On the contrary, most manufacturers even offer free scheduled maintenance for the first couple of years after you buy it. Even if you buy it second hand, getting it serviced won’t cost you a lot.

Now that you understand the benefits of owning such a machine in your warehouse, here are some things you should consider before buying one.

Indoor or outdoor work?

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To get the most out of this investment you will need to consider a few factors that will help you decide what type of a forklift you should purchase. You can’t just buy the first thing you see and expect it to perform at a hundred percent. You need to find the right equipment for the right jobs.

If most of your work is done indoors then you should consider purchasing an electric one since they are usually smaller, allowing you to take sharp corners and go through any nook and cranny. Electric motors also produce a lot less sound than a diesel motor which is always good for your workers. They won’t have the need to wear sound-isolating headphones. Another thing to note is that they do not release any kind of emissions which means you won’t have to worry about installing additional ventilation in your warehouse.

If you plan on using this new machinery outdoors then you should consider getting one with a diesel motor since they can handle much rougher and steeper terrain. Diesel motors can also handle a much bigger load. Whether you decide to purchase an electric or a diesel forklift, you can learn more at CostHack.com.

Lift height

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It is also very important that you consider the highest point the lift will need to reach. If your warehouse is not any higher than fifteen feet then you won’t have to spend so much on a fork truck that has a lift that goes over twenty feet. That’s just wasting money from your budget.

We recommend that you first measure the height of your storage space and then use that information to buy the fork truck.

Electric or internal combustion

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We already went through the fact that you need an electric motor when working indoors or an internal combustion one if you plan on working outdoors. However, there are other factors you need to consider too.

You should know that an electric fork truck might cost you a bit more if you buy it brand new, but its operational costs are much lower than that of one with an internal combustion engine. Having to constantly refill your machine with diesel, gasoline or propane is much more expensive than plugging it in a socket. The batteries of these electric machines can last for one and a half or two shifts and the charging time is between three to eight hours.

Forklifts that run on gasoline or diesel can be bought for a much cheaper price, but their operating costs are a bit higher. Although, this type of model can handle up to 60 tons of loading capacity. So, if you are dealing with such heavy loads, you should definitely go with an internal combustion engine.