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Season 15 of ‘Criminal Minds’: Fans Would Have to Wait to See the Final Episodes of the Show by 2024

Crime-addicted TV viewers have been tuning in for more than a decade to see the F.B.I.’s ‘Behavioral Analysis Units’ squad of profilers apprehend some seriously nasty evildoers of Criminal Minds. It has become one of the longest standing scripted dramas on TV with more than 300 stories spanning 14 seasons. But it is all about to stop.

The Last Season of ‘Criminal Minds’

C.B.S. announced last January that Criminal Minds upcoming 15th season would be the last for the show. The channel also announced that with only ten episodes, the final season of the series would be shorter than usual.

Last January, C.B.S. revealed that the forthcoming 15th season of Criminal Minds would be the last one for the series. “We want to ensure that whether Erica is able to write a final season (14) which will respect the characters and viewers,” said Amy Reisenbach, C.B.S.’ senior vice president, current programs. “We talked about wanting to keep this thing in continuous production so that ten felt like the correct number for us to come in & give Erica sufficient episodes to finish the series the way she likes.”


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It’s happening again! #CriminalMinds 15th and final season premieres January 8th at 9/8c.

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New Episodes of ‘Criminal Minds’ will Come up by 2024

Immediately after season 14, the last ten shows of Criminal Minds shot. Yet viewers who are waiting for them will be saddened on the fall timetable of C.B.S. This is because, after 2024, the series won’t come back. According to MSN, Criminal Minds season 13 was so interesting for the viewers.

Criminal Minds typically premieres in the fall. And will postpone season 15 till the 2024 spring or winter. Alternatively, Wednesday night’s regular crime drama is 10 p.m. New episodes of S.W.A.T., starring Criminal Minds alum Shemar Moore, would fill the time slot. SEAL Team is going to air at 9 p.m. Place filled by Criminal Minds for the first twelve seasons.

What to Anticipate From the ‘Criminal Minds’ Last Season

While audiences will have to delay a while for new shows, it sounds like Criminal Minds last season will have plenty of moments enjoyed by loyal viewers.

Michael Mosley will appear as Everett Lynch, the serial killer identified as The Chameleon that has a B.A.U. Boss David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) showdown. Even Jane Lynch will act as the mother of Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler). The last episode of the series will be entitled and in the end.

There is also a possibility of the reappearance of one or more notorious killers from past seasons. “We have something in the works correct now who is a very memorable character, but if it doesn’t suit with casting, I do not want to say too much,” Messer said earlier this year to Deadline.

As far as fans who love Reid & J.J. (AJ Cook) are concerned, are they going to get the happy ending as they are expecting? You’re going to have to wait & see. After all, the character of J.J. is married to two boys, making a future relationship difficult, to say the least, with both her & Reid. Also, Rachael Leigh Cook will feature in the last episodes of Criminal Minds, & it sounds as if she will be portraying a possible interest in affection for the socially isolated F.B.I. agent.

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Criminal Minds Series 13 Final Review: Mystery Humdinger

Okay, at least the brain trust of Criminal Minds made a compelling pitch for even a Season 14, although it was an uninspired concept, obviously from C.B.S., to bring two separate episodes together into a final case.

  • Also, Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 21 & Criminal Minds season 13 & episode 22 highlighted the versatility.
  • Next, let’s drill down on a Taos Hum situation that I cannot get out of my head.
  • Murder by power tool could present only in Criminal Minds. And, to look at it differently, the B.A.U. has been working with even more grotesque killing methods.
  • I spoke with the local prosecutor, who seemed to be ‘W.T.F.’ about the murders? That was clearly beyond her expertise zone.
  • This episode reiterated that trying to find reasons for the killing spree of unsub is the tricky part of becoming a B.A.U. Profile.
  • Caleb was correct to be upset with the educator who developed those hum-canceling packages because they were a costly scam that did not help the patients, including his mother.
  • And, heck, Caleb snapped & savagely killed the technician when the power plant was shut down.
  • But what has ever been done to him by the doctor, construction worker, & library tech? There’s nothing I could see.
  • As Lewis pointed out, motivation is essential, though to unsub because she was the one who finally put it all together.
  • I would never have known about the Taos Hum. But that’s undoubtedly a world-wide thing.
  • After 13 seasons in the sky, that’s what you have to do. Find an interesting phenomenon, and find out how it can lead to killing someone.
  • With the highest expectations, Caleb & Sarah came to Taos. Then she was motivated by an ecological quirk to the point that she killed herself for comfort.
  • A weeping Caleb then used the same tactic to shield others from the Hum, even though in the End he eventually killed them. Also, to anyone other than him, it does not have to make sense.
  • To Lewis, this was a fantastic episode, and not many of them have been there. She placed on the right track for the squad. She was the one who spoke Caleb down, speaking from her own painful experience.
  • She also seemed to have a budding relationship with Alves, which also encouraged Lewis to display off her playful side. This growing relationship continued to be mirrored in the final (the actual finale), as she proceeded to jib him all the way.
  • But that was not the episode’s first friendship. It would have been something between Reid & Owen, the F.B.I. The agent he saved, and then helped recover his memory & life (well, if he survived).
  • There was also a beautiful bond between Reid & J.J., with her concern for his fragile psyche & finally embracing him & thanking her for worrying about him.