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US Historians On What Rick Scott’s Legacy Will Be

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Let us see something that we leave behind for generations after us to remember us by. Some of us live a legacy that is going to be mentioned and remembered only by those who are in the same tree line as us while others make a huge imprint on the world and I remembered by millions of people everywhere. It is said that people who hold the highest political positions are responsible for leaving the right legacy and for changing the lives of everyone who lives during and after their time. Some politicians change the world for the better while others leave a negative legacy.

In this article, we’re going to talk about Rick Scott and we will tell you what US historians think his legacy will be. Keep on reading to find out more about this politician and the things he will be remembered for.

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Governor That Made Sure People Were Employed

We are all aware of how high unemployment is all over the world and this is no different in Florida. One of the promises that Scott meat when he was running for governor was that he was going to make sure that as many people have jobs as possible. He made also promises about the economy but this is not something that we are going to discuss here.

When it comes to the unemployment rate we can see that when Rick took the office the rate was a bit higher than 10% of unemployment in Florida overall. During his tenure, he did everything that he could to make sure that he keeps the promise when it comes to unemployment rates. Luckily he kept his promise and currently, the unemployment rate in this state is close to 3.5% and when it comes to a state that has more than 20 million people living there we can see that a difference of 7% is actually a huge number.

This means that during Scott’s tenure almost 1.5 million people got a new job and this means that the lives of all those people and all those families have been changed. At least 1.5 million people are grateful for the governor and this is a legacy that will be remembered and that has made a real change at least in the state.

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The Ice Sculpture Incident

We all know that sometimes things can be taken out of context, but that does not mean that they are not going to be remembered the way they are presented. One unfortunate event happened to Scott’s consultant that has put a permanent stain on his career.

Joshua Cooper is a person who has been collaborating with Governor Rick Scott and he has made an effort to find negative things about every person that Scott has gone up against during their years. Unfortunately, these attempts all backfired when news about Cooper surfaced.

An interesting image has been roaming the Internet and it seems as if the consultant is using ice in a phallic form and it is holding it close to a mannequin’s private parts. Cooper suggests that this photo has been taken out of context and that the angle of the image shows something that is absolutely untrue.

No matter what the reason was for Cooper to be holding the ice and no matter how innocent the whole situation was at the end of the day it left a permanent mark not only on the consultant’s career but also on the legacy of the governor. If you are interested to know more about this taboo and see on your own if a picture is really worth 1000 words or if a camera angle can make an innocent situation look terrible then you should check out the Scott Cooper Miami article.

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Abandoned Medicaid Plans

Everyone who lives in the United States of America and even everyone who has ever heard about the health system in this country knows that there are a lot of issues that prevent people from getting the proper healthcare. Even though this is an issue for everyone the people who are in the lower class are the ones who are suffering from this the most.

The governor initially made plans to expand Medicaid and help people who come from low-income families. However, when things were about to happen he chose to abandon all the effort to try and implement this and he argued that the cost of this whole process is going to make a huge impact on the overall economy. Rick suggested that the taxpayers are going to be greatly affected by this change and that they are not going to be happy if the plan for expanding Medicaid were to happen.

This ultimately led to about one million people from Florida that come from low income without any medical coverage and this ultimately leads to people ending up in extreme depth or suffering from serious issues without being able to go to the doctor and get the proper medical care. US historians suggest that this was one of the worst mistakes that Scott made during his tenure and that this is something that has left a permanent stain on his career. One million people blame him for being unable to afford any type of medical care since they are not able to afford proper insurance.

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Rick Scott has been part of The US political system for a long time and he has made good and bad decisions. Many people have been affected by the governor and some say that he has changed their lives for the better while others think that if anyone else was in his shoes they would be much happier.

When it comes to some of his legacies it is definitely something that Scott chose on his own and that it wasn’t a mistake or something taken out of context. When it comes to other things there have been many instances where the governor was blamed for something that was just speculation or things that have never happened in reality. When it comes to the legacy, we choose how we can change and affect it as long as we’re here.

We will see what happens with Scott’s career and if he chooses to do things that are going to help him be remembered for the best he has done.