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Rich Boys Are Taking Over The Kid’s High End Fashion World

At a speaking engagement to promote his children’s book, Amir & The Stinky Socks, Amir Dinero, one-half of the inspiration for ShopRichBoys.com, was asked if he was inspired by any rappers because of how he was dressed. His reply got him a standing ovation.

“I am not inspired by any rappers,” the third grader said, “I just like to look fly.”

And fly he certainly looked in a custom spiked out silver metallic hat, matching spiked out sneakers, True Religion Corduroys, a denim bu**on-up shirt with a gold lion pendant chain resting upon it, and an Alternative Earth Cardigan. He looked more like he was eighteen rather than eight, which is a rapidly growing trend for today’s high fashion kids.

Leading the pack, yet following the pulse of this world of couture kids, Amir and his younger brother Ace are the faces of ShopRichBoys.com, an online shop that caters to their peers who also like to look fly. At ShopRichBoys.com you can get your hands on one-of-a-kind trends that are usually difficult for average moms and dads to find and/or afford.

“Especially when it comes to shopping for little boys,” Amir and Ace’s mom, Miasha Coleman expressed. “It’s so easy to find the most trendiest, fashionable clothes and accessories for girls, but for boys it seems like it’s all trucks, superheroes, plaids and stripes.”

To the contrary and much to the liking of those fashionista moms who wish they had options for their sons like those with daughters have, ShopRichBoys.com has leopard, zebra, snakeskin, spikes, and couture fashion and accessories for boys. And the best part is everything is reasonably priced, ranging from $20.00 to only $94.00 for a custom designer inspired hoodie. So as the trend grows and boys continue to take on the personas of their fathers, expect to have the perfect place to snatch up all the things that will have your little boy looking fly.